Heeeelp ME….I totally skorched my first born!

So this is the same plant that I posted before as my first flowering plant so I was in the process of getting an air conditioner for my tent in between this crazy moving season so I know the temperatures were hitting 100° easy for at least a few hours so I’ve got it inside now hoping that it will do some thing and I I’m sure it’s definitely stressed out but I still want to succeed in producing but it’s because it’s my first grow and put a lot of time into it so what can I do? If anything other than just watch it dry out and die lol


Might as well call er quits on that one.


As much as I’m a fan of sticking with anything that’s still green, I have to agree… I’d plop another seed and start anew


Sorry to see this Growmie and as hopeful as I am when it comes to reviving a sick cannabis plant…this one may be too far down the rabbit hole. My optimistic side says drench the plant and wait a few days for recovery signs :love_you_gesture:


Oh ……
This is the oldest in my family of 5 with seeds on deck… this was Jack Frost .
And I’m not quite sure but my next oldest is just fine with same lighting and feeding regimen as this rapidly changing mofo!?!
Same soil mix even
Idk I’m curious to see what happens.


These look great

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The fans are obviously (literally?) toast, but the bud sites still look pretty green and fresh. It kinda looks like after a month or so of traumatic shock recovery, it might have a chance. Don’t see the point, but it might be interesting to see if it could come back from that far gone. :smile:

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Any advice??
I’m just now starting to see pistols and bud sites developing slowly….so I’ve changed lighting to BLOOM which instantly sparked new healthy growth.
Anything I can do to really BULK UP?