Heatwave after coldfront

Hi guy’s I started my grow in mid march. When plants were about 12" we were hit with a cold front and they showed sex and went into flower stage. Since then we have been experiencing 100 + degree temps. It appears they went back to veg. stage, now they are 5’ tall bushes, and flowers are still nothing more than hairs, and appear to be turning brown (hairs ). Will they ever fill out , or will they just die off ? Should I yank them and start over ?

NO DONT YANK THEM! They are just revegging due to the abundance of light. They need 12 plus hours of dark to flower in.


Thanks, are you sure, I thought they had a finite lifespan ?

If you have some pics that would be cool and we can tag in some real pros for ya. But when it went into flower (March) we still was not getting 12 plus hours of light.

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Trust him they will most definitely flower over the next two months and you’ll be happy they stayed in the ground

Start researching bat guano and blackstrap molasses teas for bulking up flowering plants


I would listen to the Bud Whisperer :point_up::point_up:

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I prefer the term Budomasochist



Have no way of loading pics at the moment. The flowers look as if they have been stripped like what remains after trimming them to use. Just thick stems with dead hairs. Not all the way up the plants, just near the bottoms to midway up. Otherwise they seem to be growing as usual. Just don’t want to waste time on them if they aren’t going to mature.

Yep just keep giving her the love!

Well that makes me feel better, cause these are my seeds from last year, a indica hybrid, and it is some dynamite smoke ! I call it “Green Goblin”

So when it gets dark for 12hrs a night they will start flower regardless of age, or size ?

So just let the dying parts die off and leave them alone ?

Definitely don’t yank them bud. If there alive and growing they will flower once hit 12 hours dark outside again. You’ll have some monsters.

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So if I am understanding this correctly, it had nothing to do with the temps, but I planted too soon ? There was 12 hrs dark when planted ?

Probably a combination of both. Photos go into flower once they get 12 hrs plus of dark. That being said the cold does have effects on them. When they are cold like that they stress and yes could be thinking oh fall flower time.

I don’t know your exact situation to a T I’m passing on what I’ve learned about the cannabis plant.

Yeah the weather here has been crazy right now it’s 97 with a index of 110, watering twice a day. Think I will wait a little next yr. Was too anxious cause nothing is for sure when growing outdoors, thanks for info

Have you downloaded the Guide and Bible? Do it, read it.

Outdoor cannabis is different than growing indoors. Depending on where you’re at in the world, outdoor plants will flower with more than 12 hours of light. It has more to do with shift and days getting shorter once mature than the exact amount of light time they get. They will also veg on 12 hours of light until they are mature enough to flower.