Health check for my plants, please. DAY 39, auto

After my last post 9 days ago HERE i sprayed my plants with peroxide/water and bring new 2 full spectrum lamps (50W in total) in addition to my 45W daylite. Looks like i haven’t any type of mold anymore.

Now i met a rust on both plants (the majority are at the ends of leaves, 1-2 mm)and brittle yellowed small bottom leaves
Any ideas and advises please?

Plant 1 was topped still have no pesstles.
Plant 2 wasnot topped to avoid stress since it showed first pestles 3 weeks ago.

Due to lamp lights and bad camera photos aren’t best… so i marked rust where it appears.

  1. Yellow leaf. It brokes by a VERY soft touch.
    2.Same node rust.
  2. Spot of Powdery mildew ( still visible but not spreading)

    broken leaf ( By the way is it fan leaf that stopped developing?)

    Same leaf 4 days ago.

Same node and fresh leafes on 2nd node getting rusty on plant #2.


Those lower leaves just give out nutes to plant and fall off. If lower leaves continue to show this sign more should be deficiency.

Your plant is on flowering. She may nees more than 100w total light. But it can done this way since she look happy. My thought is getting best from what I can give is perfect for me.

Pay close attention to watering after she fully stretch. She will drink the hell out of this pot size so quick.


The thing is the plant that yellowing more - still not showing any flowering signs. plant #2 which full of pestles and close to blooming - looks much better. But still both have that rusty things on leafs.

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I am not expert about this, but sure it is deficiency for me. it a part of pre-flowering stage that plant will use more nutes for stretching at later. are you giving her cal-mag ? im not sure what is your plant problem so may need someone who know to answering this. in my grow I use to give cal-mag when pre-flowering about to start.

Talk about pre-flowering in autos, I tend to count it when I saw those small Calyx start to develop at nodes. it may not have hair at first but if you close up monitoring you will see this sting at every nodes, after she enter pre-flowering small calyx will appear. this is from my plant.

another thing that might cause this happen is your pH water it is important for plant to intake specific nutes from what pH she take. and your soil look like too compact to me. how is it dry out ? but your plant look good beside from the sign of deficiency.

this is what I learn from pH effect nutes intake, pH 6.5 is sweet spot for soil.

As for timing, most Autos go into pre-flowering around week3-5. but poor condition can cause it to delayed. I myself facing this problem also. just start preflowering at day 35 for my girl. so no worry.

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I had the same issue with the rust spots and brital at the ends.

I am a newbie on this website I literally just created an account not even an hour ago strictly for the reason why I’m trying to post something to get help similar to yours but not exactly the same.

I do hope that your plants produce big buds my friend and I hope the six that I have also do the same.

I cannot figure out how to create a thread AKA a post I don’t know why but I cannot figure it out therefore I cannot post anything to even get help anybody help me here I appreciate it,
I just need to know how to create a post.

It a system thing you have to keep surfing a site for couple hours.

I just sign up 2 days ago. Your first 24hr will be limitation for comments.

Once system give you welcome badge you can start topic. You can check at your top right screen

I appreciate you replying to my question/comment I’ve earned one badge but yeah I’m just trying to ask a question that possibly you might know the answer to I don’t know but there’s a chance you probably don’t because of how strange the situation is.

I’ve contacted the supplier of the seeds and I’ve contacted the person that I thought the seats from what I did was I bought some seeds from multiverse which is a great place to buy seeds from they did me very well they sent out my seats very quickly and their prices are pretty decent they had some seeds on sale that was called granite Haze phenotype 4, I bought a three pack of seeds and they sent me out four seeds instead of three. As you can imagine I was very pleased with this.

The first two seeds that I planted died to my negligence.

However the third seed that I planted is now 5 weeks old and looks like a sativa looks like it says sativa dominant or a straight sativa but there’s something about it that I am not liking once so ever and that is that she only has five leaves.
And I know about ruderalis because I just grew a ruderalis thinking that it was another type of plant if you get my drift I spent 6 months on that girl and she turned out absolutely nothing but she did get 3 ft 3 and 1/2 ft tall.

So I finally cut her down about a month ago.

But when I seen that she was just producing five leaves, that is the granite Haze F4,
I was extremely concerned I contacted multiverse they sent me out a bunch of different links I already checked the links and the links just told me what I already knew.

Multiverse told me not to really worry about the number of leaves.

However I’m a little bit concerned because of what I’m about to tell you next.

So I started the last seed that came out of that package,

And that girl is almost 3 weeks old she’s about 18 or 19 days old she has seven leaves and resembles an indica her leaves are fat and she is a short, Lol :joy:.

So it’s like two different plants that are supposed to be the same exact plant.
And like I said I got four seeds out of that package.

I don’t know what the hell is going on here but it is just so strange that I’ve got two different things that shouldn’t be happening that is happening with these seeds.

One seed has five leaves and looks like a sativa or a sativa dominant and the other one is seven leaves and looks like an Indica dominant…
My friend this is freaking crazy I do not want to grow another ruderalis.

I know that autoflowers are a mixture between ruderalis and photoperiods.

And that’s probably the reason why multiverse told me not to worry about the leaves.

But man I am extremely worried that I am wasting my room and wasting my time and my advanced nutrients on another ruderalis that’s not going to produce shit

Or if she does produce she’s not going to produce the type of cannabis that I am looking for… I am 110% sure that you understand where I’m coming from.

Here below is too attachments you’ll know which one is which.

Please reply back to me if you have any ideas or suggestions or if you know of any information because I just want to be able to be for sure that I’m growing a plant that is going to produce THC that is over 15 to 20%.

This is supposed to be a special limited type of flower AKA seeds so I’m hoping that here soon I’ll get an answer from somebody because these are not the same plant in my personal opinion please give me your personal opinion thank you.

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I myself still newbie and i dont know about how ruderal looking like. I will shared you my past grow blue dreamatic here (it has 75%sativa) and pineapple gum is 50indica.

Around week3

Around week4

Pot was rotating 4 pot in center is 2bd 2pg. They are autos

It just show sativa later IMO, and they dominant by they name. Sometimes it genetic.

Here is my another sativa with very bushy trait

This may not answering your question but for your reference. They claw will grow more if ideal or healthy. Your plant look healthy but i rly dont know about ruderalis

Yeah ruderalis is a bitch my friend.

Well I mean I guess ruderalis isn’t bad because if we didn’t have ruderalis then we would not have autoflowering cannabis.

But when you’re trying to grow an autoflowering cannabis plant that produces high levels of Delta 9 THC you’re not going to be happy if you find out you’re growing a ruderalis instead of the plant you’re wanting to grow.

Your plants look absolutely phenomenal my friend.

I am a broke m…er if you know what I mean,
So everything that I got going on in my two closets is definitely rigged up the poor man’s way LOL.

I’m about to start growing some hydroponics out of an AeroGarden machine that I got.

I got on the internet got on YouTube and just so happened there was a guy that was a newbie and he tried it out and recorded his whole 4-month process with it and got a great harvest I was very surprised and that’s the only like that he used was from the bounty basic AeroGarden.

I got the same exact model it was given to me and it was brand new however I have no sponges or baskets for it but everything works the girl that gave it to me she didn’t think it worked I took it apart and put it back together and took all the wires off of the chipboards and then plug them back in and it came on great for me and it’s working phenomenal right now with some seedlings that I have.

I’ve got a strain called grease gun that I’m growing it’s an autoflower and then I’ve also got a strain called kosher cake it is by fast buds and the grease gun is by Atlas.

So the hydroponics I will probably start will probably be a royal Haze if not it will be a kosher cake you’re the first person I’ve talked to on this site so I can call you a friend and I would like to see your plants as they progress and I will keep you updated on mine also.

That is of course if you would like to see them.

It is feeding day for all of my plants I’ve only got six going right now and they’re all different ages.

So the babies that I’ve got which are the seedlings that are getting light from the AeroGarden, it is their first feeding today it’s really a day or two a little bit too early but I’m not going to feed them a lot.

Trying to give them a little boost but they’re looking really good I can send you pictures here in a few days you can tell me what you think.

I like honest opinions if you know what I mean brother or lady I don’t know if you’re a guy or a woman but it doesn’t matter right because after all we’re nothing but consciousness walking around in vehicles AKA bodies that is.

Anyways thanks for the reply your plants look beautiful.


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