Heading into flower help (defoliation)

Sup homies,

I just flipped my tent of 3 Bruce banners (vegged for 60 days.)

It’s day 1 of flower and I am trying to make sure these girls have whatever they need to give me some fat nugs.

I have been lightly defoliating/ lollipopping for the past week. Fellow growers, please take a look and give me your thoughts on my defoliation. Is it good? Clip some more?


I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t switch em to flower, pretty work


It is hard for me to see any defoliation. I think you are confusing trimming with defoliation. At flip I get rid of all the large fan leaves. Within a week you will not be able to tell you cut them all off. Then at 21 days I do it again.

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