Having problems with seeds and seedlings

Has anyone else experienced any bad seeds this year? I purchased 20 Grandaddy purple autos that I have 12 that grew, 10 Purple Haze that 8 of 10 grew ( 80% which is good) and 20 Durban poison that 15 grew (75% which still isn’t bad). All started 5 -6weeks ago but look like they were started weeks apart. 8 of 10 GP germinated, 6 came up when planted, 5 grew, one or two popped up out of the soil, are still green and plush but never grew any bigger than a sprout. Had same problem with DP and PH but not as bad. All were giving the same care, been growing for 48 years so I know what I’m doing, use grade A materials, even used a microbial photosynthesis booster for seedlings and didn’t help. The 5 strains I purchased from Seedsman had no issues at all given the same care as the rest. I’ve never had this problem with ILGM seeds before, always been too quality and produced excellent plants.

These were all started almost 6 weeks ago at the same time. There are several that just popped up from the ground and that was it. They are 5 weeks old and still one inch tall or growing very slowly. My other seeds from Seedsman are over 2-2/2 ft tall and started 3-4 weeks ago, have already set those out in their permanent spot.


I had a horrible time getting seeds going this year.

Original grow plan was Maui Wowie, Northern Lights, Super Skunk, and Berner’s Cookie’s.

Actually growing now… Maui Wowie, Berner’s Cookies, 2x GG#4.

Now out of Super Skunk seeds, just a few Northern lights seeds left… I’ll try them next grow… I’ll start right after these get moved to the flower tent. So… About July or August… :crossed_fingers:

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I misread the part that says u have been growing for 48 years so I’m hesitant to ask questions or consider things that you probably already thought of. I see a lot of stretching, also the mulch could be trapping air and not letting the soil get proper dry/wet cycles. But the mulch isn’t on all of them. Are they getting light 360 from degrees most the day? Or are they against the side of a shed or house? And are they all definite females?


Welcome to the community , my 1st thoughts looking at the seedling soils Appears to have too much wood chips very acidic. A cannabis friendly soil starting out would be a better choice. Happy growing :v:


To finally get the Maui Wowie to germinate. I had to switch to cold temps of around 50f (basement temp)… To germination temps in the 70s. After several moves back and forth… A couple days at a time I finally got one really nice foot out of a seed… It’s growing slow but steady… I must update my grow journal.


Okay, good answers, trial and error will gain you ALOT of knowledge. All of these were set out for pics and into the compost pile. They were all started in my grow room where I start my crop then set out. These feminized & autos you purchase online are ALL tiny seeds tedious in nature because they have been cultivated inside a controlled environment so they are given special care. All.of them ones that grew are now in the fields including ALl of the Bubba Cheesecake, Northern Lights, Peyote Forum, White Widow, Froot by the Foot, etc., (I purchased from another seed site all grew great with only two of 50 not germinating), that were started 7-10 days after these were. All were started exactly the same, soil, type of water, lighting ( I use large HPS and HID lights, not economical but needed in a area as large as mine, 24ftx36ftx8ft),. Wood chips on the top of the soil prevents them from getting too dried out by the sun while outside in small containers, pH is 6.3 Used a microbial and photosynthesis booster for seedlings that were having trouble and it helped by increasing the roots,stalk and leaves by 16%.

Actually if you are growing outdoors there’s one thing that sticks out to me every year for the past 48 years of growing weed. All of the plants I start inside must remain inside until there’s no threat of frost, first frost will kill them, beginning of grow or end of grow. All the plants I start outside straight in the soil without germinating are stronger,bigger and a lot more resistant to pest, mold,etc. and if it frost on them it doesn’t bother them until harvest season and then it takes 3-4 good frost to kill them. I live in the Appalachian mountains so your climate may be different,warmer,colder but here early frost can be a problem

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I have trouble with GDP also only 50% would generate. All other strands have been good.