Having Nutrient Problems

This is my first grow and my Pakistan Ryder plant has started to suffer from what I believe is nute burn. She’s an autoflower on day 44 and seems to have stopped growing vertically which also worries me!

I haven’t fed this plant anything other than what I originally put in the soil as I attempted to make an organic super soil (obviously I made it too hot!) I flushed the plant 4 days ago and the yelllowing/browning of the leaves has only seemed to keep growing.

Will I harm the plant from flushing too much? If the plant is still showing signs of nute burn should I just flush again as soon as the soil drys completely? I’m concerned I’m missing something and that maybe theres more too my problem than just nute burn?

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She is in flower, looks like she is done with the Stretch. She won’t get any taller, she is putting all her energy into bud growth, no more new leaves or stems.

Looks like nute burn, fill out a support ticket. She will be fine!

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  • What strain: Pakistan Ryder Autoflower (World of Seeds)
  • Method: Soil w/perlite, worm castings, lime, fish blood and bone meal
  • Vessels: Pots
  • PH of Water: tap water left out over night
  • PPM/TDS: some MG
  • Indoor
  • Light system: 400(actual watts) led
  • Temps; 27-23
  • Humidity; 40%
  • Ventilation system; yes

I also have another plant Cheese autoflower that was in a very similar soil mix she is 10 days ahead of the PR but has much worse nute burn and I dont want the PR to suffer the same fate! Here’s a pick of the cheese…

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I had that same look on my gorilla glue autoflower i think the ph was off in the soil cause I was barely giving it any nutes you can try to do a slurry test or least ph the runoff from the plant

Did your Gorrilla Glue plant pull through!?

I need to pick up a ph meter. Last time I went to the store they were all out so i grabbed the droplet testing kit and it really doesnt work too well. I haven’t fed the Pakistan Ryder (top photos) anything but water and a tad bit of molasses since it was planted so I don’t know why the ph would suddenly change?

Not really It still yielded decent I got bout 1.75 oz dry off it I started plucking the really bad ones off u can tell if it’s gonna come off with ease with a gentle tug. It looks like your getting to the end pretty soon too so the leaves are gonna start turning normally but you should still b good

Mine actually looked a little worse at the end