Having algae issues

This is my 6th time growing but the 1st time at my friends house. I have never seen anything like the algae we are getting in and on the pots. We are growing in a 70/30 coco perlite mix. When we water the run off is super green. They are watered almost daily, which is fine for coco. At least once a week my friend forgets and doesn’t water. Would it be bad to cover just the top of the pots with a black bag to deprive the algae of light?

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Howdy Em
I use a breathable mulch mat to keep light off grow medium.
I just cut it to size and put hole in middle and put on top. :+1:


Let it dry out as much as possible, that will help to kill algea presest. Cover the top of the coco like @Hashtonbutcher suggested to help prevent more development.