Have anybody been to any concert

Just went to second concert this year I miss them very very much. I live 10 minutes from two outdoor stadiums over 650 concerts in my lifetime.
So the last concert I went to before covid was ratt club show 2019. I usually go to at least a dozen concerts every year.
2021 first concert for kiss and Lynyrd Skynyrd last Thursday and the final of the Year korn this Friday.
I don’t really do much I work a lot but I love my concerts and Halloween I gave up on Halloween this year again.
So has anybody went to any concerts and I hope you had a good time


I’ve been to a couple

Blue oyster cult was my first and I remember a cute girl passing a joint to me, and me declining as I was young scared and stupid

Blue oyster cult is a band from the 70s & 80s, well known for their use of the cow bell


Omg that must be awesome to go to that many! Dang dude living the dream haha.

I’m going to an indoor one for Halloween, I’m in Canada so outdoor isn’t possible it’s already frosty at night.
Also our laws and controlling of covid are different, everyone has to be double vaccine or proof of a negative covid test at event done with rapid testing (for a fee) and all people must be masked aside from certain areas your allowed to drink I Geuss or something idk how that’s gonna work so me and girl might just make sure we enter hammered lol.

Doesn’t look like covid will shut it down yet because our province is like the Texas of Canada… I hope it doesn’t me and the girl work in healthcare and basically haven’t done anything in like a year and a half… I really want this to go on lol


Saw Joe Bonamassa in Vegas August 6th 2021 I saw him in Vegas before covid.
Saw Eric Clapton in Phoenix a couple years ago.
Went to tuns of concerts in the 70’ and 80’s and a bunch since then but nowhere near as many as that. Wow!!!
Can you still hear

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I hear ABBA will be touring soon.

Just a house concert. Lead singer from Dada. With the bug most venues are closed. I am completely vaccinated but was sick for a couple of days last week maybe delta or lamba variant, or just bad food?. Not as rough as when the entire family got the bug originally. Everyone down for the count for 7-10 days. It was before any testing was available.

We all had the most horrid flu symptoms imaginable. Tried to take care of a household when you can’t even take care of yourself. High temperatures, dehydration, and other strange symptoms like dry cough and asthma. None ever seen before.

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C’mon now. You wouldn’t even survive saying this in Texas :joy:




Oh hell no

Texans have no idea what a Provence even is
“Iddnt that a chapter in the Bible?

It takes a village, what’s a village? We have cities and metropolis we Don’t need no stinking village

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Ehhh it’s a Canadian thing but Alberta is considered the North Texas, I didn’t make up so gonna have to take that up with someone else.

I could list things that we share and things we don’t but then that opens the door for political conversation and that’s a no no lol

Idk it’s just the way of the land buds

My last two concerts 2 days ago Friday korn and staind Thursday before that week Tesla and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I would go to Slipknot next week but the covid restrictions are in effect October 3rd here. Went to the KISS concert in August that show really really rocked. I don’t know when the next concert I’ll be going at because of the pandemic I hope everybody has a safe great weekend.
Party on Garth party on Wayne :metal:

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My last concert was Sturgis 75th. Now that was a bunch of concerts.

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There was this Duo band that opened up for Korn Staind they Rocked sadistically hard. The band’s name is 68. Just listen to a couple of their songs :metal:They were really good and it was just two guys. Hope everybody’s having a great week good Halloween coming up

Yes! Black Label Society less than two weeks ago. I’ve been going to shows since the 80’s first big act post pandemic. Great show but the hard rock “vibe” felt different IDK like weak? Or maybe this city isn’t as “Rock” as I thought - I think the restrictions kept attendance down and hardcore fans weren’t there like I imagined. No line to get a beer. Come on really?!!??

Latest single they played this song. The album comes out on Black Friday.

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About a month ago. A small house concert with Michael Gurdy of DaDa fame.

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