Have a look at my girl something not right

She cant be hungry the soil has been prepared it has everything it needs to me it looks like nitrogen deficiency but i dont see how

This is my other plant

She is looking good she has been fim

The way the edges are curled on the bottom leaves, looks like it was a bit over watered.


Thats a possibility but more on about the yellowing leaves

May have just been a little shock from the soil. The top growth seems to be ok.

Over watering will also cause the leaves to yellow a bit. The upper leaves look great. Had a friend do the same thing. Was going on vacation and over did it with water before he left. Bottom leaves turned yellow and curled

That one has been abit slower then the other one

Looks like
Fertilizer burn To me.

I dont use bottled nutrients its all organic nutrients and if it was that the other plant should have the same problem i would think

You remember you said those clovers were for what ? The clovers are growing and causing the nitrogen to be release in high doses that’s to soon for your plant roots , you either feed the sheep :sheep: , are you’ll feed the wolf :wolf:, but what you will never do @Aussie_autos is feed both at the same time, that’s wisdom for life !
Each plant has its own metabolism cycle , they eat the same but not at the same rate in each stage .
One might like chicken :chicken: one might like pork are beef , the plant is telling you the nitrogen is to high for it and the other plant is liking the nitrogen that’s available , nothing is wrong except one strain is more advanced in veg than the other but in flower the one yellowing might bloom 2 times as big as the one vegging good :+1:, no two plants will ever grow the same ever !


I think its abit of transplant shock i will see what happens with it


hot soil should bounce back dont over water. real easy too do…trust me

I kinda agree with Yoshi!
Clover takes nitrogen from the environment and fixes it to the soil.
Companion planting can work wonders when the plants are mixed correctly.
Not saying the clover isn’t a great compliment to weed, but it might have been a tad early for the level of development of the pot plant. Clover grows pretty fast it’s metabolism rate is probably greater than that of the developing pot plant.

I’d just keep an eye on it as the pot plant will get it’s legs and take off shortly. Then the clover probably won’t supply enough nitrogen and your soil blend will come in handy for the extra it needs.

Best of Luck Tez!!