Have a little patience

I have read a lot of negative here lately, I would like to shine some light on the ilgm store, I recently had a issue with an order, took the first step an emailed support ( replied to the confirmation email) explained my issue, not 20 hrs my issue was resolved, not to mention 20 min after my first email they had emailed me back asking how they could help, that team had so much to do give em just a little time an they will take care of you.


Glad to head of a good experience! I use them as well and would recommend them


They have ALWAYS been good to me, not to change the sub but ur profile name an pic, sounds like this isn’t ur only hobby @forcedinduction :grin:

Love running under pressure ! :sunglasses:
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I am not having a similar experience. The customer support “Angels” are acting sadistically from what I can tell

If you dont mind me asking what kind of issue are you having? I know they busy, with the store sight up an running one new platform, but they’ll take care of u