Emails from Ilgm. Saying that people thinks it’s a scam

Got a email from Ilgm so it says. About everyone thinks they are scammers. I can tell you and as well I’m sure you all know this forum and company has been nothing but a great experience. So is this the a way the posers try and scam. Just wanting to know so I know what to watch for. My dumbass did email them back and pretty much said what I said here.

Ahhh, did you email ILGM first? Is it from an official ILGM email? What’s it say maybe telling you of a sale on seeds? If so it’s probably legit as I often get emails about sales and such. You can unsubscribe from the emails.

It wasn’t posting a sale. Get them anytime they do just mainly talking about so people think this company is a scam ether caused by dealing with other seed banks. But like I said just wondering if anyone has got a email similar to what I’m talking about. Like I said this company and forum has been nothing but great to me answering what I feel like is something most would start trash talking and calling people out in the wrong way. Really wanting to make sure if I email anything it’s to the right people. Other than that everything about this group is top notch.

I don’t want to stop doing business or enjoying talking to you all. Just trying to make sense of this email wish I was more computer savvy. So I could post it but I also erased it, and then got paranoid lol.

How would some scammer know who you talk too and what you order?

If the scammer has your email and knows who your talking too then a security check on your end needs to be done. ILGM hasn’t sent you that.

What’s the email address it’s sent from? Are we new to the internet?

Yelp dumb hick here so I’ll wait and see if a few admin t tagged off the emails I’ve got from other topics I have posted. Cause I can see I’m not worded it where I’m not getting anywhere with this post but thanks for trying to help. But I will have answers from them soon.

It’s pretty simple Harry is it or is it not an email sent from ILGM? What’s the email address?

ILGM wouldn’t send you an email dissing there own seeds come on man. Now who knows you been chatting with IlGM ? Some forum I guess? Yeah those forums are chock full of folks who breed and SELL seeds.

No doubt one wants to steer you toward his bank account.

I and many others here will state for your relief that ILGM is one of, if not the best seed banks to deal with. I’ve ordered many times and never had a single issue.

My advice would be to not put my business out there for others including scammers to see. Where and what you order is nobody’s business. Neither is where you grow it at.

Silence is golden my friend especially where scammers, thieves and jail listen.

Just my two cents

I have never received an email like that from ILGM. Do not respond to them and let me tag @ILGM.Stacy and @ILGM.Roy to confirm if this is an email that goes out or not.

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Pretty sure everyone gets this when they first create their account on ILGM.

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Hi @Harryking is this the mail you’re referring to? I received it too. It’s part of our email flow but shouldn’t be sent out randomly. Sorry for the confusion! Please let me know if it’s something else too, that would be worrisome.


Main thing is everyone is safe that’s only reason I responded like I did.

Yes agree but I also want to make sure that even on the forum I’m safe to a point. I know we can’t catch all the scammers and God knows who else that may have slipped in. Only reason I was asking. Cause I always get deals and sales sent ,and that one really had me wondering what the hell have I screwed up with. Not first Rodeo but really the first time talking on a forum about a craft that should stay behind closed doors. Your alls business is your all’s business. It said Robert’s name just like it does now but also it doesn’t show you as admin or such. So I’m giving you the benefit lol even though now I see that everything is what it is. Sorry but trying to watch out on all ends. Quart jars and smoke want get me like that again.

Yelp I believe so but a quart of corn liked and smoke in my eyes had my spiddy senses going off lol. Hope I’m not in trouble.

Great seeds! great service! Fast delivery! Great forum! I think someone smoked some clear trichomes haha.

Atleast that’s what I think I was looking at. If I get anything that makes me feel like something is afoot I’ll email you all. Sorry for being a problem when drunk. Want post nothing like that again I’ll come and email you all and save the email instead of erasing it.

I love seeing later what I posted after a 12pack

Hope you have fun with this screw up on my part. Cause truly hardly ever get that bad the drums this morning make spinal taps speakers sound like the speaker on your phone.

I haven’t seen that email and that’s why I wanted the big dawgs to confirm it was theirs. So looks like everything is good.

Thank you if you was in the state I was you would of second guessed shit to.

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Sorry about it all but just started to talk on a forum that’s completely new to me and also enjoying nature’s finest. But hey laugh now atleast it want be I wished I checked in on it more. Going through my mind as shit lol hit the fan is what my elevated state thought. Have to quit responding you all may thank this hick pasted dumb to that inbred nut is luck he don’t have to think to breathe lmao. Later