Has anyone used this LED light?

I bought 2 of these 600w LED lights for $118 each on Amazon while I’m building my own true 900 watt light for flowering. They are well built lights and the seller lists the true watts up front with a 5 year warranty, but they have a wireless dimming system that I can’t seem to find. I asked the seller and they don’t know. Has anyone else been using this light and if so, where did you get the dimmer from?

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What’s the link @OldSkunk?

I can’t tell if I’ve ever used it or not.

If it don’t have a brand name then some other company probably just re packaged it, but 300 true watts for 118$ isn’t to bad but does it give any specs like Lifespan etc.

I’m sure someone has used it @OldSkunk is it possible to post a link to the purchase? Or a screen shot?

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@OldSkunk @TDubWilly @bob31 here’s what I found in the description:
Excluded but optional accessories: Wireless dimming remote, Wifi gateway, Dimming adapter

So maybe that comes as an additional purchase? I didn’t look that far into it.

I was thinking the literature that came with it should have something on the remotes?

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If there were any @bob31 all of the lights I ordered didn’t even come with any.

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No literature and the seller is clueless about the dimmer. They are Chinese lights after all. I bought a nice 10kw Chinese inverter for the Solar system I’m putting in to run the grows and they weren’t forthcoming with the literature either. I think it’s a thing with them. I had to pester them to get what I wanted.

My lights came with instructions that said the light was effective between 2cm and 200cm I was like… Apparently they don’t know what they are talking about lol @Covertgrower


That antenna on it is for WiFi so you’ll need to have WiFi . I don’t know if that’s what controls the dimmer, but if it says wireless dimmer then most likely it does . @OldSkunk

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Also it should’ve came with a remote to control the wireless dimmer network @OldSkunk

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I’m an electronics guy. I have wireless all through the house. In fact, I’m sitting in the flower room sending this on wireless now. It’s going to need a gateway to send the light a signal. I’m just hoping someone is using lights like this that are using the dimmer option. It doesn’t come with anything but a light, cord, and hanger.

Excuse me I didn’t know you was an expert, figure it out than

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Didn’t mean any offense. People getting mad is why I avoided other forums. I’m not an expert at these lights. Any advice is appreciated always.

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I’m sure you’re a good guy but I’m going out of my mind and you sent me over the edge

Not how to work it. Where to get the components that go with the light. Sorry I’m just making you more mad. Please just leave me alone. I’m a believer and I will not say anything ugly to anyone.

It’s ok. Didn’t mean to set you off

This matter should be able to fix itself everyone fun friendly forum :wink: I would like this to be over thanks tag me if I need to fix it
Thanks all


It’s over as far as I’m concerned. Thanks. I’m just looking for any help finding the stuff for these lights. That’s why I started the thread and it went a bit off the rails.

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If it has an antenna it should be wireless you just need to find or be able to get remotes for them