Has anyone tried a "_kiln_" cure?

My kin-folk hail from Kentucky, and were tobacco farmers. and when they went to cure the plant it was done in very much the same way herb is cured. one style of curing the tobacco is to hang it in a barn and have a smoldering fire under the hanging plants. so I was wondering if any have tried this?


I have heard of it but I personally never tried it I would think the smoke would change the flavor and smell of the buds


@Smokesalot is right the wood smoke will alter the taste of the weed
We raised tobacco here on the farm until 1991 when it became to costly for small farmers to grow. So we sold our allotment to a big grower. And I was a happy camper. Tobacco is a lot of work.
We dry it both ways natural and smoked, done right the smoked brought more money, some years. Smoked was used for cigars and the natural for cigarettes
I’ll take my buds dried slow and cool in a dark very low humidity room with very little air flow


Well said hillbilly103​:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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