Has anyone grown Magnum Auto?

I just received some “freebie” Magnum auto seeds. Anyone have any experience with this strain?

Only thing I could locate is that they grow huge (whatever THAT means). Not recommended for an indoor grow for this reason. The strain is from Buddha seeds. Worth the investment in time and space
in my grow room(s)?

No information on the levels of THC either.


Just grow it in a smaller pot and that will restrict it from getting so big. If you have a place outside I would do that it’s impressive in size for an auto. I found how to grow marijuana link not allowed or I would post it. Good luck with her

I got some freebie magnums in my last order from msnl they report 19-21% thc and supposedly one of the best sativa highs out there heres their chart magnum-automatic


That’s a cool graphic; never seen info represented in that manner for strain info. I like the profile! Have you started growing yet?

Not the Magnum auto. My “grow schedule” is fully booked through June; I have only one grow room (limited space).

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