Has anyone every used this?

Is thia good? Anyone use it to make eeidbles alot more easy??

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I have used it for butter, but u have to fill to line ans sometimes i don’t have 2 lbs of unsalted butter in the fridge and i don’t like to use water. I don’t think u can make batter or dough in this. My is the first one to come out, so they may have gotten better.

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Also, you still have to decarb before you can use this. well, mine anyway.

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I have one an use it to make coconut oil for cookies. I make them plenty strong for my friends an I usually quarter the cookie for me, 2oz bud to one lb of oil makes 4 sticks of coconut oil & that makes 2 batches of toll house cookie batter. I like the machine but have nothing to compare it to. I see they (MB 2) are also making a press to clean the oil of plant matter, haven’t tried it yet. looks like it would be slow on oil and better suited to QWET. Don’t forget the Lecithin it really helps get the oil out of the bud. I’ve used all the larf & sugar leaf trim alot of times and it works just fine also, just depends what I have at the time as to what I use.

I use a Levo2.

I own a Magical butter machine! Best way to infuse butter, coconut oil, and 151 rum to make tincture. This is the best way to preserve and store your medicine. I’m always trying to use all of our trim…this is the best way to maximize your return on investment. Happy gardening

sorry I said 1lb of oil, been scratching my head about that so I dug out the MB2 an it’s 2cups = 4 sticks

Never used it, maybe it’s not my time yet :sweat_smile:

I have used it and own one, Personally I think you get better results going the old fashioned way, crock pot, or if your infusing butter just the stove top method, same for the swauves. it just grinds the pot so much that you get the finely ground cannibus in with whatever it is your making. cheese clothe can’t filter it all out.

Can you make rosin for dabs with this machine?