Has anyone ever used SUPERthrive?

I have heard that super thrive is excellent to use after transplanting to help with shock. Then some are saying it will cause herm plants. I’m torn on if I should or shouldn’t use it. Has anyone ever used SUPERthrive ?

Has GREAT affects for vegging plants BUT you have to be carful. It has a ton of hormones in it and it will cause male plants and hermies.

Strains that are weak on stress revival should be avoided all together.

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I’ve used Super Thrive many many times for starting clones n the veggy stage. Also as a boost if my nutes were questionable, and as a foliar spray. Never used for transplanting or flowering so I couldn’t say if they help with transplant shock, r cause hermies. If u do decide to use it, b mindful of excessive sodium levels, a little goes a long way…:alien:


If I use it I’ll be putting it on blue dream. This is my first time growing blue dream. So I wonder if they can handle stress good .

I would like to try it but I would hate to take a chance on turning my plants to Male or herm

A male is a male, a hermi is a pain n the a##, dead plant walking. Most quality soils have all the nutes needed for the first 4 r so weeks, just add ph balanced water. If u got it already, n your just cracking ur beans, r there n veg state, no guts no glory. That’s how u learn, I believe it’s 0.5, 0.5, 0.5, read the label n use 1/2 r a 1/3 of recommended dosage. Have never grown Blue Dream, so can’t help with that. Also u didn’t mention what kind of soil ur using, r lighting, r set up, r ventilation, r how far along ur ladies r. To many unknowns, I’m sure the knowledgeable people here n Mr. Bergman’s wonder world will offer up plenty of solid advise. I’ll take a ride with u n offer any useful advise I can, more than happy to help however I can…:+1::+1::alien:

Transplant add some mykos and great white. Great white works wonders and will help give u a nice root system. Is a bit expensive but worth the price

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Does the Superthrive package still say it helped the USA win WWII? It did back in 70’s and 80’s.

I used it a long time ago early in my growing as I tried everything looking for that magic potion that makes perfect plants, LOL never noticed much of a difference using it (good or bad), a mystery formula that smells like vitamin B.


@Hellraiser this the pack i got with my rapid root plugs

They’ve toned it way down, their old packaging was used in college marketing classes to show how not to design a package. All the wild claims made it look like modern day snake-oil.


New toy delivered today makes a complete set now besides the reds.

Is this the hlg red u were talking aboit??

Funny they have 0 markings on the light itself just papers and the box it was delivered in said hlg.

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Nice, Yes, looks just like my HLG far red lamp.

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Been so long ago I’ve never seen it n water soluble packs, always came n liquid form. Also Thrive Alive, pretty much the same product, but u could get it n low sodium, green labels. That’s really dating myself, had a Worms Way close enough to drive to, no shipping costs, but cash only purchases for me…:alien:

Triacontanol, ie Alfalfa extract. Stuff has some benefits for plants. Superthrive also not the only product using it.

Alfalfa is great also has tryptophan… never really bothered to know what tryptophan did other then made ppl sleepy after they ate Turkey on Thanksgiving which… I dunno if it’s a wives tale but I did some alfalfa research a while ago and s product that contains alfalfa , kelp, or both is on the right track…
Back to the question…I use supertrive for seedlings ONLY @PhillyRock I have to contest your claim for males and hermie from to much of the ST… I solely use super thrive for this purpose as well as Hormex which is strait hormones… napthalic acid, indolbutryic acid and thiamine (b1) is similar but not the samr…
Seed starting…
I put 50 50 RO : H2O2 in shot glass 4 5 drops of super thrive and 4 or 5 drops if hormex… I’ve used more like 10x as much with same results… 1 male out of 200+ seeds… and I’ve never had a single hermaphrodite… Its really hard to herm a regular plant without trying to… I only grow regulsr seeds… never grew a fem… [which is forcing hermaphroditeism into its gene code… now it is is always prone … small issues can easily flip a fen from all the grows I’ve seen here… csnt say all but most new browsers get seeds from here [feminized) all the bells and whistles got everything down lights nutes … but temp and humidity are hard to grasp untill you have stuff go wrong from it… like I didnt think ph was that important till I just get threw plants to do what there supposed to… changed it and understood ph a whole lot more…
But most new growers growing fem seeds five minor stresses… usually alot more in the begining during germination and seedling … alot of ppl dont realize how sensitive they are at this stage I’m a firm believer in favorable conditions at these stages are what determine male or female … herming is caused from a introduced stressors or multiple parameter…
Any environmental factor that is fluctuating has potential to influence the herming… personally have never seen a natural regular plant go herm …in wild …or on this site for that matter… I would like to know if anyone’s noticed regular seeds herming on them… I have noticed also from a seed producing plant… like high percentage of the seeds made from a single plant usually do similar thing … like I had some not viable gorilla glue seeds a couple years back …every one would get to about sn 1.5 inches and just shrivel and die or damp off just weird like it had something crucial missing in its genecode… every single seed I attempted did exactly the same thing and they were all from the same bud … I usually grow about 30 to 40 minimum of same strain same plant producing the seeds so I get to see what happens over several attempts st each one …I easily see patterns of growth and tendency like this… and I can see if the strains worth a dam or if I got 1 lucky seed which is how you phenohunt which I was doing before I even knew what it was… but I was doing it for cloning purposes never bred seeds… would live to but just havent… but like i said… hormones i feel are the key to my high probability female to Male ratio… i swear on these number probably 250 + bag seed…
All start under mostly identical procedure and conditions …
75° temp
70+ humidity [domed] seran wrap over solos
(Some type of dome…)
Rockwool , soil , rapid rooters , peat pucks
All same results
24 hour light.
50 50 with hormone drops as stated above
250 attempts… 6 males 0 herms
Attempted seed grows
Fem 0
Auto 0
Regular 250
I have to attribute herming to Gene… I cant say that the hormones at seed stage can set up for herming or if it is a stress for that matter to a fem possibly herming… I just dont have any issues with interrupted dark periods… green power lights red power lights … light leaks under doors …closet staying open in morning sun getting strait in closet through windows… thrown plants outside from inside mid flower… like everything ppl advise agsinst… no issuse… I mean I laugh spidermites for 8 monthes spraying all kinds of shjt on everything using a dam shop vac to clean the hbuds off still on the plant sucking mites right off… isopropyl… mightwadh… acid phed water base phed water… bibegar… spinosad… pyrethrins safer soaps fatty acids insecticidal wash… backing soda… sns203 … prevacy(which is essentially strong pepper spray like 70% capsasin… I literally haven’t evacuate my house for 2 hours with privacy… 0 issues… not a single banana ever found … and I have to think it’s because regular seeds are just stable and dont have that receive trait to start so it’s not really something that’s in its makeup untill you introduce sts(silver triphosphate) or colloidal silver
I bet if I was growing fems through my growing I would have my head spinning eith herms cuz I csn be kinda sloppy and careless .
.probably cuz I dont ever have problems from little things like that so I get lax on em… but either way i dont see anything like that from hormones peasy but who knows with fems that ne enough to trigger them… if you had herms pop up using ST i would take into consideration … but you csnt ignore the data I’ve logged… 0 herms 6 malls 250 femals… hard to srgue with that

(yes smells like bottle of vitamins for sure)

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God I gotta stop writing freakin book responses