Superthrive liquid

First time using superthrive on autos. Any suggestions and can I start it on seedlings or vegging or both? Any advice would be helpful please


I use superthrive in all my feeds until about the third week of flower (in addition to nutrients) I start using it about 7 days after sprout with 1 ml per gallon and then move to 2 ml a gallon through veg. 1.25 ml per gallon during early flower.

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Waste of money imho.

I’m always weary of products that claim to do certain things and then don’t provide information regarding their ingredients and how they help. When I hear vague references to studies and a whole lot of anecdotal evidence and miracle like claims, my scam detector starts beeping loudly. Especially when they charge so much for it.

It seems that you only need a few drops to mix into a gallon of water so most people won’t need a full gallon to get the miraculous results claimed. The smallest size you can get is a 1/2 oz. bottle which runs for $3.20. That turns out to be around $820 per gallon. The pint size has the most reviews so lets assume that’s the most popular size. At $30.99 per pint that’s almost $250 per gallon.

In all that time you would have thought someone would have learned how to spell stimulant and unchallenged. Now, I’m not one to talk about grammar and typos. I make my fair share of mistakes and sometimes do a poor job proofreading. But if I was going to describe a product that sells for $160 a gallon on Amazon, I just might try to run it through a spellchecker at the very least. More likely I’d have one or two people proofread it.

They don’t claim their spelling skills help plants grow so lets examine what they do have to say.

They claim it contains “50 vitamins and hormones necessary for healthy plant growth”. While the vitamins and hormones may be necessary for plant growth there is no indication that using Superthrive is necessary. Plants seem to be able to grow healthy without it. It is hard to examine the claim considering little is known about what these 50 vitamins and minerals are. The label only lists “.09% Vitamin B1; .048% 1-Napthyl acetic acid.” Little else seems to be known about what is in the product. I noticed that they emphasized that it is “NOT a fertilizer”. This might be because fertilizers are required to be registered. This involves disclosure of certain ingredients as well as testing.

I’m not an expert but I know when things sound fishy.
Dr. Chalker-Scott is the Extension Horticulturist and Associate Professor, Puyallup Research and Extension Center, Washington State University. She is the Jamie Hyneman/Adam Savage of the Horticultural world, exposing popular myths. Luckily she covered this in her Myth reports.
Google “Vitamin B-1 reduces transplant shock by stimulating new root growth” and you can see what there studys say.


Superthrive has been on the shelf since the 90s, cant say what my friends thought of it, it was in everyones grow room.