Has anyone ever tried making masculinized seed

Im curious if anyone has ever tried making all male seeds like ppl make feminized seeds is it possible and if so how is it done.

Here’s a video

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If I understand your question, you are asking is it possible to create seeds that have YY genes? If so, no, that’s not compatible with life. You always have to have an X.

This is true for anything that reproduces sexually. Most flowers have both male and female parts in them, and either self pollinate or are pollinated by nearby same-species flowers. Cannabis of course has male and female plants (hermaphrodites too!) as does holly and others.

If you mean all XY seeds, I have heard of someone who used a chemical spray to force a female to herm, but that was to make pollen to create feminized seeds.

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Ok i was hoping there was a way ti make all male seeds because that would make breeding alot easier…

Best theory I’ve heard about male/female seeds is that if you can mimic the light from outside you can influence their gender. I think it’s probably bunk - but the theory is that if you emulate spring light (blues and whites) that you’re more likely to end up with a female plant out of your regular seed. If you use the type of lighting that mimics summer or fall (lots of reds, I believe), you may be more likely to get male plants out of it.

best way to actually get males and know is to sprout reg seeds and submit tissue samples to Farmer Freeman, it’s like $15 a test but then you can save time growing out and flowering out the male.

By the way, you can collect the pollen from a male and with careful handling and storage, keep it viable for several months to a couple of years.