Harvested one of my plants yesterday

took down the northern light yesterday, it was ready accourding to all the info I been reading on the forum , surprising me I found a single seed in one of my plants , all indications showed it was a female plant , I thought some where that this could happen or I missed somthing ?


I hope this helps you :blush:

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Hello smokngranny, Hermy that was the word I was reading about , like I said it was a single seed , being my first grow it kind of freaked my out when It fell out, I have 3 other plants 3 times taller than the North Lights , and hope they are not effected in any way , Im thinking I did somthing wrong here , the norther L very little stickyness to it smell was limited , well got to learn from your mistakes , first grow.

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I’m learning also. And I’m on a tight budget so I’d probably save the seed and try growing it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m sure I just caused a few raised eyebrows for saying that LOL, but I’ve seen a lot of people here who have had success.

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Females produce seeds if stressed or if pollinated. Bonus!

Males produce pollen.

Hermies are generally females that develop male parts… Bananas etc.



Sounds like it could have been slightly stressed. Should be a female seed though!


that sounds about right , there was a point in the Veg stage that I was going to throw that plant out , I moved it away from the others to quarentine it but I kept feeding it and it came back alive , didnt grow as big as the others but was the first to mature , thanks for the response.

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With as many people growing now it’s inevitable that you will get a bit of pollination. One of my Og Kush last spring had about a dozen seeds. No big deal.

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Your plant will herme if it gets stressed like high heat or lights coming in a different times. So it’s not necessarily pollinated just stressed out. If it got pollinated the whole plant would have seeds

ya Tim , it gets a hot in Cal , the triple dig really take a beating in my Back yard , new plan for this year big tomato plant cages bigger smart pots , when it gets in the triple dig going to throw a berlap bag on it,

I think your on the right track. From what I see. 30gal Smart pots with a burlap shade over it is pretty standard from what I’ve seem in your region. From what I’ve read at 55* or at 85* any where under or above will slow growth in your plant. So if your in triple digits burlap will b your friend. Still gets the light but not scorching it. From what I’ve seen a basement is one of the best places to grow if you can control your humidity. But the outdoor ones I’ve seen in your area are as big as trees. That’s would b awesome :exploding_head:emphasized text

I heard northern cal is the best place to grow outdoors. And by some of the pics I see those plants are huge. Like 10-12’tall and 8’ round that would b heaven . I hope you have a great grow. Let us know