Harvest Time, time decision method

Hey friends,

Im a second timer grower. And Im close for my harvest time. Last time I used a scope to check the trichomes but i think I did it wrong and harvest one plant to early and other to late. Do you have a different method to recommend or if not can you teach me how to identify with the trichomes when is the exact time? I used this scope:

Maybe I`m doing something wrong. Maybe my scope is not a good one. Is really difficult for me to decide when is the exact time.

As always thanks for the hand, great community we have here.

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A lot of the decision making is based on experience, preference, and gut instinct.

I typically harvest when the trichomes just start turning amber. Never before they’re all cloudy, and always before they hit 50% amber. Sometimes life gets in the way and I have to wait a couple days.

I also watch bud structure, stickiness, and the overall appearance of the plant. You can’t really screw it up unless you harvest wayyyyy early or wayyyy late.