Harvest time for LSD?



@bartenderjoe trichs still look pretty clear and there’s a bunch of white pistols on the top of the bud, when you thinking?

Not sure those trichomes are mid to lower plant but the top still has same white pistols from 11 days ago. Top of the plant has a decent amount of amber

@bartenderjoe it’s a good looking plant. I’m sure you can’t go wrong here. Looks tastey.

There will be no journal this time.
Out of 10 seeds only 3 have germinated, 2 of them never lost there nut. The third is just starting to develop a tail…fingers crossed.
LSD sounds like a fun strain.

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@Tripp add a few drops of peroxide to the water their floating in. I just did that and had all 4 pop in a matter of hrs!! I did 4 drops in a 1/2 shot glass of water.

Thank you

It Ain’t Your Grand Ma’s Marijuana

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