Harvest Confusion...help!

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Hey guys. You were all so great in helping me get my first grow going! It’s almost harvest time and I have been reading a lot trying to figure this all out. Some say u should do 2 flushes before harvest. I flushed my first today. I am a big chicken, so I thought I would see how the first one went…lol so after 1st flush how long do u wait b4 2nd flush??? And then I have read after 2nd flush u let plant dry out b4 harvest and then put in dark for 24 hrs b4 actually cutting plant??? I am confused about this whole harvest. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again to my fellow growers!!!

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It does seem like a lot to do in only a few days. The trick is to get a fairly good estimate of when you’re going to harvest and then start doing everything a week before. So let’s say you’re going to harvest one week from today, the first thing you would do is a flush today, no more nutes from now on, just water. Wait a day or two and do your second flush, no more water after this, let the plant dry out. Now if you’re going to harvest next Thursday, then you’d want to throw her into darkness on Tuesday, or Wednesday for a 24-48 hours of dark.

Now if you want to go even further you can split the stem a week before harvest, a lot of us do this to force the plant to produce more resin, but it’s not necessary.


Thank you so much! That answered my questions. Now I won’t be so nervous about my harvest!!!

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