Harverst getting close, could use some advise

Hey everyone. This is my first grow & first forum so excuse me if I don’t follow standard protocol. I created a topic ealier in the grow for some advise but started this new one for this subject, don’t know if that was right.

I have a couple clones here that are one day into the 9th week of Flower (since flipping to 12/12). They had a rough Veg cycle that lasted 10 weeks. My preference of product potency is an uplifting effect during the day and a relaxing effect during the evening - perfect world right? So eventually I will have a combination of cured smoke a few grows down the road. For right now, I just want this grow to be successful. And I epecially don’t want to wait too long.

I’m looking at the trichomes and I’m thinking (hoping) I could have one or two weeks left before I should chop them. (?) I have been concerned because the pistils have been 75% dark for a while now but the trichomes are just now a combination of clear/milky with a few becoming amber. I was intending to feed both one more time and then just water for the remainder of time. At the rate of uptake, at the end of week 11 that will be approx. 1 feeding and 3 waterings for plant B and only 1 feeding and 1 watering for plant A. I could use some advise whether I am following the right path.

My questions are:

  • Am I off on my estimation of how much time I have left?
  • Should I start with only Water now? Especially plant “A”. (or maybe feed “A” once more then a soil flush with either Sledgehammer/Water solution followed by water or just Water?)
  • If I don’t stop the nutrients early enough and trichomes indicate it’s time, is it best to wait another week + to flush out the nutes or go ahead and harvest?
  • What are your views on a dark period before chopping?

Please see bios and pics below. Sorry for all the questions and sorry for the quality of the pics - $1K phone, worst camera ever! And please ignore all the pet hair, it’s a work in-progress :laughing:. Thank you in advance.

  • Strain: Both clones from dispensary, A = marked Cherry Tree, B = unknown
  • Method: Fox Farm OF soil
  • Vessels: 5 gal. fabric pots, elevated 1-inch
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff: 2 days ago A = feed solution 6.42 in, 6.30 out, B = water (only) 6.40 in, 6.56 out.
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution: last feeding – A = (2 days ago) PPM 1140 in, 1825 out; B = (4 days ago) PPM 1130 in, 1890 out.
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor Grow = homemade tent 22” W x 44” L
  • Light system: Maxsisun MF 1000 x 2
  • Temps: Day 74 – 78 F; Night 68 – 74 F
  • Humidity: Day 35 – 45 RH; Night 40 – 50 RH
  • Ventilation system: yes, homemade = 4 inch high velocity (yeah, ok) fan connected to 3-inch dryer ducting IN, positive pressure exhaust, no filter (none needed) this system has been adequate but needs improvement.
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: Room tent is in has AC, utilize standard size humidifier and small 240 sq. ft. rm. Dehumidifier if needed.
  • Co2: No.

Plant “A”

Plant “B”


You could definitely start water only. I wouldn’t worry about pushing harvest time depending on ripeness and feed schedule. Studies have shown it doesn’t make a noticeable difference.

I do think you’re correct with the one to two week window based on your amount of clear trichomes. Things are looking good!


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Wasn’t sure if I should be giving them nutes so close to harvest, definitely want the quality as smooth as possible. Thanks!


Your estimate on timeline looks good to me also. Won’t matter if you feed them or not in most cases. Having runoff as high as you do i figure watering would be plenty good from here out. Nice job!

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Your doing pretty good for your 1st time growing and your first forum as well.

Thanks. Yeah, rookie status, Ha! Lovin’ it! Soon to have one under my belt.

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Thanks @dbrn32 yeah, had some issues with higher than comfortable run-off #'s even with 1/2 the amount of the FF schedule, low end of the recommended PPM’s.

If you have experience with Fox Farm nutes, I have a question if I can? Even though I gave them the full spectrum of the nutes on the schedule, once I went into the last two weeks 11 & 12 (7 & 8 of Flower) a few higher leaves started turning yellow on the edges working in-wards, couple lower ones also. Like maybe manganese deficient? Not sure.

Is it something I should be worried about or is it normal? How would I off set this next grow?

Ha! Forgot to tag you @plumbdand Living up to my status. :laughing:

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There’s not usually too much that can be done to make up for deficiencies in the final week or two, let her ride unless things change drastically.

And keep the pictures coming!


I agree with @Underthestairs

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Ya, no stressing about nutrients that late in grow. May have just been a little bit of a ph issue.

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Thanks for the help @dbrn32 @Underthestairs @plumbdand I’ve never been able to grow a thing, couldn’t do it without support from experienced folk like y’all and ILGM.

I’m seeing how there isn’t enough time for nute deficiencies, trichomes are changing fast. Stress is focused on timing now. :worried: Guess it’d be better to chop late than too early, just don’t want to go too long.

I think I can see trichs best looking with just the 30/60 loupe. But I seem to see more amber with this portable handheld microscope I picked up. It’s hard to judge. This will definitely be the lessons learned grow.

So now it’s 36 hrs. of dark, or 48, or none? Ice or no ice? Talk about stress! :laughing:

Please chime in on your views on bud washing with indoor grows? Is it necessary? Does it wash off stuck hair?

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Both of those are unnecessary. But if you want to give a shot, I won’t stop you either. There are plenty that swear by all kinds of different methods, but not me. I do like to harvest after dark. But 12, 24, 48 hours makes no difference. I unplug light when I believe things are done, then I get to them when I get to them.

You want to make sure you’re looking at buds and not the sugar leaves. The leaves will usually have the oldest trichomes and will subsequently mature the earliest. From what I see, you still have a lot of clear trichs on the sugar leaves. So probably no need to rush.

The wash i would do if you feel you have any reason at all to. I typically don’t with indoor stuff, but that’s because I’m lazy.


I haven’t got a thing to add to @dbrn32 answer. I won’t be doing ice or extended dark periods on my grows.

And if you’re anything like me… you’ll have a couple lessons learned grows :rofl:


Tried a lot of tricks but all my successes are from patience. Waitem out and treatem like not harvesting till next week even if do it tomorrow…lol. dark didnt show. Splitting stem. All kinds of stuff. I might have done it all wrong but hey stupid is as stupid does. Wife says I am a dumbass…:grin:

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Dont feed or water. They will start using stored up sugars in itself.

Well, I have to admit, this is the hardest stage of the whole process! My poor little Ladies are dieing right before my eyes! :worried: :smiling_face_with_tear:
I haven’t been feeding them but when they’re thirsty, I have to give them a drink, I can’t help it.

So I have a question - @dbrn32 @Underthestairs @Storm @Bud_Wizer @plumbdand
sorry to tag you all - I respect all opinions.

Question: At what point do I call it? What signs will or may I see that’ll will tell me she is starting to canabalize the yield and it’s time to chop? Getting close but trichs aren’t changing as rapidly as I expected.

They’re never as rapid as expected. Pictures my friend, that’s always part of the answer.

Let’s take a look. The whole plant, some up close, and some trichome shots.