Happy Holidaze! grow #4 - wk 4, ILGM seed Northern Lights

Think she’s trimmed down enough? My last had way too many bud sites, small buds/larf. Details: wk 4 veg, on 16 hours main light plus 2 supplement uv, moved from low watt Aerogarden to tent a few days ago, currently on Arrowhead water at 6.3 ph, 900 ppm of liquid fert (Florastuff). I trimmed her down a little. Think I’ll hydric stress her next week, just to wilt thirsty, then rehydrate, (Increasing Inflorescence Dry Weight and Cannabinoid Content in Medical Cannabis Using Controlled Drought Stress in: HortScience Volume 54 Issue 5 (2019))


Looks healthy to me.


@dbrn32 thanks

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