Halo vs Autopot (Not Liking Halo)

I’m not liking my halo system much at this point. The holes get clogged and impacts the water/fertilizer deliver. Taking it off and cleaning wouldn’t be easy with all my LST.

I’m considering switching to an Autopot system. My plant is currently in a #5 airpot.

Hoping I can use an airpot on an Autopot system. Don’t want to repot my plant. It’s 32 days old, auto GG4

Any comments on halo and converting?

Do I need an airstone in the pot or under it? Any issues to watch for?

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Drill holes out a bigger size. Its what i did. Love my halos. Just dont make it too big. You can always make it bigger but not smaller.

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Organic nutrients will most likely plug holes easier. Not sure of your nutes.

I use Jacks 321 + silica + epsom salt. Only one plant at a time.

It would be hard to remove and drill out the holes. I have LST tie downs around the pot. Plus my plant is very short and squaty

If I switch to Autopot, I can disconnect the halo water line and leave the halo in place till harvest or take my cutters and take it out in pieces.

You might want to consider finishing your plant as is or switch to hand watering. I don’t know that switching to autopots mid grow would be a good idea. Here’s why, autopots water from the bottom up therefore effectively pushing salts up to the top of the soil as opposed to halo/hand watering which pushes salts down. Maybe someone with a bit more experience can comment on this.

As far as using an airpot in an autopot tray I don’t think that would work, but I’ve never used air pots so I don’t really know if it could work. My autopot setup is the XL pot with the fabric pots, the tray fills up and the pot along with the soil absorbs the water to water the plant. It might though because the original autopot setup was square plastic pots. As long as the soil can absorb water I guess it could work.


@Poseidon1 @registereduser

Thanks for your input guys. Here is what I came up with.

Per your recommendation, I drilled out the holes on my halo and washed it out. I was using fish emulsion in my water and I’m pretty sure that is what clogged it.

Cleaned tank and lines an mixed new water/fertilizer. Pumps fine now and hoping for no more clogs.

Also, i went to the hydroponics store. Took my airpot and it would not fit in the Autopot base. I did not want to transplant into their pot and stress my plant

I’ll use the halo for this grow and reevaluate later for my next grow.

Thanks for the input

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I run jacks and a couple supplements. Halos were good to the end. Recharge days i hand water. What size is your pump? You got 1/2" lines? . I was on the fence like you in which way i wanted to water. Still on the halo side so if i need i can flush, never had to with jacks but i like to have options. More work but peace of mind



Yes, I’m using 1/2 line. Below is the pump. 400 gph. Seems to have plenty of pumping power.

So our setups are pretty similar. Mine is 1/2" with vivosun 800gph, pump was only like 25$. Ill be honest i never even tried the halo b4 drilling them out. I hope this fixes your problem.

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