Had an interview

Well I had an interview with INSA today I mass for a cultivation techniction about 45 mins away from my house and got told to expect a call from their hiring manager by the end of the week so hopefully all goes smooth and il be able to be chasing my dream of being a part of this industry


Congratulations and good luck

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Good luck :+1:!

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Congratulations ! that should be a great job, if you like what you do you’ll never work a day in your life.

Congratulations! Now make sure you send us clones! :joy::rofl:


Best of luck to you.

F#CK YEAH!! Rock on, I will keep my finger crossed for you that you land that job.


Interview went very we’ll I am now awating a call from their hiring manager


Best of luck. Soooo much competition in the job market right now…