Guys i will show you what ive been using for this grow

Ok i know alot of you out there say u don’t have to feed seedlings but this is what ive been using from the start of this grow

,for my seedlings and right through veg stage and going by my pics i have posted you can see that my plants are healthy and massive .Now when my seed popped its head up i was using this i had a 20ltr bucket of ph water and i added 10mls ro 20ltrs of water and i kept it bubbling with a air pump and as the palnts got bigger i still kept up with the 10mls to the 20ltrs and eventually I added 40 mils to 20 l of water and as they came into preflower i changed things up I started to use this aswell

So i would mix up 10mls of the first liquid i showed u and i would mix in 10mls of the flowering liquid and i would put in ten grams of phat bud powder from nimbin nutrients Australia and i started feeding my plants this and i seen nothing but exploding growth through veg stage and flower stage also you have to remember i have amended my soil with dry amendments aswell i havent seen any nute burn or deficiencies just big beautiful plants i would recommend organic growers to get some of these products or even if ur not a organic grower i would get the first bottle of seasol gold for ur seedlings to cap this off yes these two products are organic well worth the money and here is a pic of my girls


Hey @Aussie_autos they look to be happy campers to me!!
I only feed my seedlings about 300ppm GH Flora series and some GH Rapid Start to inoculate the medium after they sprout. I’m using a Hydroponic grow from day one. So I’m sure any high end organic soil has nutrients from day one too.
It’s important to note that light feeding is the key at first. Until the girls get there roots you don’t want too much.

Nice work!!