Guidance Please

Blueberry Auto
Potting soil \ Coco mix
36x36x80 tent
1000 watt LED light (veg/bloom on)
Vent w/ carbon filter
Soil pH (per meter) 7.0
Using Grow Big @ 0.25 strength
Runoff pH around 6.6ish
Tent temp between 70 - 73
Humidity under 40%

IF…this is a pH issue (which it likely is since soil pH has (always) been at 7.0 (based on my soil meter). My h20 is pH @ 6.5ish. what do I add to soil to bring pH down into appropriate range?

Pics are from day 22 (after popping through soil). Physically planted seed di


rectly into 5 gal pot.

Is it 100% coco coir?
If so you want to be in the 5.3 to 5.8 pH range…


You can give your soil a good flush with PH balanced water until there is significant run off catch some run off and test that water untill you drop it to 6-6.5 You do not want it too high as the plants will only absorb certain nutrients at specific PH levels.ive learnt ph makes a big difference that 1 or 2 points, i maybe wrong but looking a bit pale on the sugar leaves might need to up your nitrate after the flush, what do others think?

No…it’s approx 70% soil & 30% Coco…with purlite mixed in. Flushed both 5 gal cloth pots with approx 6 liters of distilled h2o (each). Soil pH (based on my current meter) started out at 7.0 last night. This morning I checked and it went down to 6.8 in both 5 gal pots. Got a lot of runoff with pH ranging between 5.5 - 6.0. See pics below. So…how long do I / should I wait before I water again (with added nutes) in an effort to correct Nitrogen Defiency. OR…do I need to flush again until I get PPM lower at runoff?IMG_20191230_061030|375x500

i’d get the temps and humidity up if you can. i’d also like to suggest getting a good Ph pen. i had a few cheap chinese pens and finally bought an Apera and i couldn’t be happier.

first pic, what’s going on with the bottom leaf pointing south? have you looked for any bugs?

curious why you mixed soil and coco? may make things a little confusing for Phing correctly. but looks like you’re on track to get this fixed pretty quick.

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Which model Apera do folks seem to prefer? I looked on Amazon and there are a boatload of Apera choices.

i got the ph20 for something like $45. they make one that has the ppm meter in it too but was a matter of budget for me. still worth every single cent.


I second the Apera PH20.

This is another one that I’m currently using: a little less expensive, faster electronics, easier cal, and a replaceable probe.

IMO your plants need to be fed. What soil did you base off of? You conceivably have a lockout but you are in a fairly benign range assuming your meter is reading correctly.

I keep a bottle of GH Standard Reference Solution PH 7.0 on hand to cross check weekly. Some drift but it comes right back up.


UPDATE! Dec 30th - 31st… Flushed each 5-gallon cloth pot with 9 liters each of pH water (5.8). After flushing I added another 1.5 liters each of nutrient-rich (grow big by Fox farms). 0.5 ml per gallon. It’s been about 5 days since I watered either of these plants. I do have a camera on them and it looks to me as though the leaves are starting to droop? I did feel the soil and it does feel moist however it does not feel wet. since I just put so much water through both these pots…I’m kind of scared to add more water, even if the plant needs it… Which I’m still trying to figure out when to water and when not (total rookie right?) Here’s a few pictures of what the plants look like after I did the flush. Any words of encouragement or advice are much welcomed!! BTW…after I did the flush these plants both experienced a boom of growth

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It’s hard to comment on other potential issues other than you are probably monkeying with them too much.

Yellowing leaves and drooping leaves can both be a symptom of overwatering. Cannabis needs wet/dry cycles to do well. I let my soil dry out completely before I water again, even if pH or a specific nute needs attention. It’s a weed and it will overcome a lot of stuff (other than too much attention.)

I get it. I have a hard time leaving mine alone too. We all do.

It is common for the plants to experience 24 to 48 hours of mad growth following a flush. It can be very noticeable. I don’t introduce anything for a week or so after I flush mine. It takes that long for the soil to dry out again.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. The last time I did absolutely anything to them would have been on the 31st of December (other than peek through the viewport on my tent or stick my finger in the soil to check to see if it was moist). I’ll make it a point not to do anything for another 48 hours (which is 7 full days from the last flush) and reassess the situation Tuesday evening after work! Thanks again I really appreciate it!

You are welcome.

Keep us posted. We all enjoy helping and you have a bit to go before you are out of the woods. In the end, I’m sure your plants will be doing fine soon.

It’s been 46 days since my last post. I took your advice and flushed each plant (which made all the difference in the world…thank you btw). My Blueberry Auto (the one about ready to harvest) is sitting right at 75 days from the moment my germinated seed 1st poked through the soil. The other (more bushy) Northernlights plant is about 1 week behind…(had to germinate a new seed as the 1st attempt did not sprout). This plant only started to flower right at the 59 daymark which…I thought was kind of odd. I’m sure it was beginners error on my part. At any rate she looks like she’s taking off nicely now. I did not do any low stress training because this is my first grow and I wanted to see what would happen if I just let these babies grow on their own. Needless to say… I will be implementing a low stress training regimen on my next grow for sure! My blueberry Auto is almost too tall to fit under the lights in my grow tent. I’m positive low stress training earlier on would have prevented this. I wanted to get some advice on some of the pictures I’m uploading. Especially my blueberry Auto which is just about ready to harvest. I want to make sure I start my flush at the appropriate time. From what I can tell (and I have never done this before)… The majority of trichomes all appear to be mostly clear. This would suggest there is still some additional time needed before I begin my flush? I am checking and rechecking every two days or so to ensure they haven’t gone cloudy and begun to turn Amber. In fact… I don’t see any amber hue at all. perhaps a more trained I would be able to shed some light on what it is I think I might be seeing? Any comments are greatly appreciated and thanks again guys & gals!Image_2020-02-19 19_58_37_241

Image_2020-02-19 19_58_43_781 Image_2020-02-19 19_58_26_273 Image_2020-02-19 19_58_51_938

Looking good!

You’ve got a few weeks left, and those buds should really fill out as they mature and ripen.