Guessing remaining time before harvest

Evening ladies and gentlemen. Another newb question coming your way. So I’ve been able to digest and learn a ton of information lately. That said there is one thing I haven’t grasped yet. I see people posting “is my plant ready for harvest” pics and then people reply with 2 or 3 weeks etc. How do you guesstimate the length remaining? Is it something that comes with time and practice? You go by the calyx?

My girls are 62 days old and my one girl is starting to kill off the bottom leaves and yellowing them. Just trying to figure out this aspect, I know how to check the trichomes but curious how to estimate further out. Trying to hone my skills. These are all 3 and I’ve stared and read as much as I could but I have no idea how to guesstimate time left. Just curious if this is something that can be taught or just comes with time.


Also not that I am going to flush but if I was this is another reason I want to learn how to tell. With autos it seems hard to guess because some can finish in like 2 months and some in like 5 :person_shrugging:

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Outside of this. I start looking when about 90% of the hairs are red, then when 90% of the tirchomes have turned, I flush the soil and only water till harvest. One week in either direction isnt gonna make or break your finish. After a few grows you will have a better idea, you gotta grow to know.

Not for nothing, avg auto time so far for me is 90 days.
Plants look nummi!

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Sweet I appreciate it, I was just curious because so many people seem spot on with guesstimates. It would be a good skill to have to figure out my future plans and drying etc.

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Err on the side of early, take the breeder time line if its 8 to 10 weeks flower (for example) start off by looking at 8 weeks. You will likely see a plant about 80% finished. Sure that wont always be the case but it is gonna be closer to done more often then it wont be. From there you see, if all trichs arent starting to go opaque at that point, its gonna be closer to 10 weeks or longer, so continue to feed. If they are all opaque at that point you can stop feeding and start witholding nutes, until the trichomes are where you want em.

The next contributing factor is amber trichomes, figure about 1-2 weeks after all trichomes are opaque for amber to set in.

Did that make sense? If it didnt, thats ok, im willing to try again, we will get you squared away my friend.

Oh, another good indicator of a week or two till done is all the red hairs will lie down on the bud. Like yours now are red most of them but are all standing up. They will recede and stop standing up like goku’s hair! (Dragon Ball Z refrence if your not into cartoons.)

That makes sense and I appreciate it. I noticed for blue dream on here it says 10-14 weeks harvest. I’m just over 8 weeks old so I should start keeping an eye out and looking at the things you mentioned.

Here are some bud pics on my gorilla glue auto plant. I would consider these around two weeks to go. Pistils are turning, but cloudy to clear trichs, with no amber showing yet.

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That depends. Did the timeline read, 10-14 weeks flowering? Or did it read 10-14 weeks seed to harvest? This is commonly confusing and Ill admitt my first plant I had it backwards. If it reads 10-14 weeks flowering then the clock starts after flowering begins.

As you can see here for blue dream Auto they specifically say 10-14 weeks grow time. I looked at other strains and take a Kush for instance. it says 10-14 weeks grow time then breaks down veg 3-4 and flower 6-10 so I’m assuming it’s 10-14 from start to finish according to ILGM.

Thanks and it’s all confusing since you have a ton of white pistils still, I guess it comes with time :joy:

@Docnraq All autos on ILGM shop show “grow time” unlike the photoperiods that show “flower time”


I havent shopped at ILGM since my second seed order. Must have changed the way they put it down since last I was on the website.

Its important to know that the vendors timelines are what they experience, in a commercial setting, with grade A+ gear and hi-tech environmental control. For the homegrower, this is a guide at best. Plants will be done when they are done, harvest too late and your thc degrades to cbn and cbg (couch lock and sleepy) Harvest too early and you have immature resin heads giving you that speedy jittery kinda weed. I have read that if you harvest too many clear trichomes that the often considered negative aspects of getting high are enhanced, paranoia, restlessness and raceing thoughts.

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Makes sense @Docnraq

@GrowingIs4Everyone im growing an auto from ILGM and hit my 10th week tomorrow! I’m thinking it’s getting close as many of the hairs are turning red. Been examining trichomes everyday. I can’t say if yours will be ready in the 10-14 but just wait it out is all you can do!


Following… I’m also in the 11th week with Purple Kush Auto and the kanabus ants are getting restless…patience man patience. :v:

Lost in the Sixties :peace_symbol:


Got some trichome pics of the one girl today. The pistils look like they are receding but again I don’t know what that looks like for sure lol. The triches appear to be clear is that correct?

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Pretty much that. It is really hard to pin down someone else’s harvest time by a picture and what they tell you. That is why the standard response is “2 weeks”. There is a lot to consider like overall condition of the plant, the history, feeding schedule and what exactly is your goal?

To my eye, they appear more clear than cloudy.
Love that purple color coming through on that one plant. :drooling_face:

These are both White Widow auto and are the same age. 6 or 7 weeks flowering.
This one screams done and is foxtailing.

This one is still putting out white pistils but has not gotten any larger.


Happy cake day!

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Thank you :pray: