Guaranteed To Be A 💩 Show!

Welcome to the $hit Show!!! Feel free to tag along (or not) should be fun.

It’s going to be an indoor grow in a 4x4 tent with all 420 FastBuds Autoflower seeds…

What’s on the menu
2 Purple Lemonade
2 Green Crack
1 Original Chemdawg
1 Gorilla Cookie

So pull up a chair, get your buzz on cuz it’s gonna be a $hit Show!


Count me in.


Got my chair pulled up, coffee just brewed!


I’m in. Good luck!

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My setup is a very simple one. I use a 4x4 tent 6 in exhaust fan exhausting from the tent to outside so we’re not recycling same air.

I don’t use an intake exhaust fan as it’s not necessary. I opened the two vents on both sides of my tent and each vent has a powerful 6-in fan that blows fresh air into the tent perfectly.

I’ve got a ceramic heater that has a thermostat so it will maintain the proper heat at all times. I also use a commercial dehumidifier located outside of the tent and a commercial humidifier that’s outside of the tent with a 4" tube piping the humidity into the tent from the floor

I have 4 vivison oscillating pole fans (one on each Pole in all four corners of the tent

Last but not least I use a 4x4 Vipar Spectra KS5000 LED six bar grow light.

That’s about it it’s a very simple setup and a very effective one for autoflowers.

With all that out of the way let’s learn something from each other shall we!!


Our journey begins on November 21st (yes this program has been pre-recorded, viewer discretion advised)

I start my germination process in separate Solo cups with distilled water, 20% hydro peroxide, and 3/4 ml shot of kelp seaweed extract. I placed them on a germination mat heated to 78° in a dark closet for 18 hours.

18 hours later whether I see a tap Root or not the seeds come out of the water and go into a moist paper towel using the same water that was in the Solo cups for 24 hours.

24 hours later we have left off nice little tap roots have graced us with their presence!


At this point it’s time to get them in some dirt. I start my seeds in Happy Frog soil in a Solo cup. I appreciate the soil in the cup 1 hour before I drop the seed. I take a pencil and make a hole the size of the eraser I then take 1/64th of a teaspoon of Mycorrhizal Inoculant and pour it in the hole. I drop the seed tapper down into the hole covering it with dry soil and not packing it down.

I set my temperature in the tent to 80° and the humidity to 85% I turn my light on 25% 29" from the cups I cover them with dome lids that have been slightly spritzed with water I close the tent and let him go



A couple of times a day I’ll check in on the tent and make sure the domes are always moist if they dry up I’ll spray mist them again. On day 3 the soil is starting to dry I Spritz the soil with a mist sprayer of kelp seaweed extract water to give the girls a little treat.

Later that evening they pop. Many people keep the dome on for a few extra days after they pop I don’t. I like to get them dancing with a fan and fresh air the second thing come up out of the dirt


I’ll continue to use a mister to mist the soil with kelp seaweed extract until I can see the bottom of the soil in the cup is moist but not quite ready to run off. I do this is often as needed. And I just leave them alone


Tagging along to see what kinda monsters you grow this round!


what kind of nutrients do I use

I’m a huge fan of advanced nutrients products. They have never let me down the pH perfect system works flawlessly and the plants loved it. This is everything I use

Advanced nutrients
1.) Micro grow bloom pH perfect as my base nutrients.
2.) B-52 vitamins
3.) Voodoo juice microbial life
4.) Bud Candy an excellent sugar source and feeds the microbes like crazy
5.) Big Buds if you’re looking for big dents buds big buds is your ticket
6.) Photosynthesis Plus (even more microbial life)
7.) Vegetable and fruit yield enhancer (Endomycorrhizal fungi)
8.) General hydroponics calcium magnesium
9.) Yuca by Raw (watering agent)
10.) Bloom city silica boost
11.) Advanced nutrients Sensizym (breaks down organic matter in your soil and offers it to your plant)

Different things get used at different times and stages of the grow but above is the list of everything that I use. I’m extremely obsessed with providing the soil with microbial life and live fungi. It’s such an overlooked part of the grow that is absolutely the most important to me.


Thanks for tagging along @Highgrow it’s so funny that you say that. I actually went the opposite route. I went with 420 fast buds as they tend to be the smallest autoflowers of any breeder. I actually wanted to take a break from the monsters. Nevertheless, I’m going to try to make one of them super huge


Thanks for tagging along @FUKAZ28

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Thank you for jumping on board @Spudgunner

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Welcome @Newt thanks for joining in on the fun


Hi, whats goin on there double solo cup, To check the roots?


Yes that’s correct but there’s more, I use a clear Solo cup on the inside obviously to give me access to a great visual of how the roots are going. I don’t see anybody else doing this but I do it and what that is I cut the bottom completely off of the clear Solo cup and I cut it in half straight down the side from top to bottom.

I then put the cup inside the Solo cup that’s red and pack my soil. When I’m ready to transplant I fill my 3 gallon pot and I keep an empty Solo cup making a huge molded impression in the center of the dirt.

What I do I remove the empty cup in the hole. I sprinkle that hole with Mycorrhizal Inoculants very generously. I then remove the clear cup from the red cup and I stick the entire cup down inside the empty molded hole. Since we cut the bottom out of the Solo cup and we cut a long from top to bottom all I simply have to do is spread the cup open with my finger and lift the cup straight out and the soil stays in the hole.

I never have to touch the root at all and that’s important not handling the root


Ok +2, viewing and planting too of course. Thanks :+1: good growing!

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We’re about day five in the cups and the girls coming along nicely. Transplant day always comes fast. Basically I wait for the root system to develop a very good visual in the soil by looking through the clear Solo cup. Once I achieve what I believe it’s a balanced healthy growing group system I transplant them into their final home which will be a 3 gallon pot.

The total time in a Solo cup is generally 10 to 15 days for me. The most important part of transplanting is the ability to get some microbial life inside your hole and onto your root ball system. I simply sprinkle the hole and the root ball with Mycorrhizal Inoculant.


Unfortunately I didn’t get any transplant pictures to upload. However the girls meet it into the 3 gallon cloth pots happy healthy and successfully.

Once I transplant into my pre-moistened soil I pick up my pot to understand the weight of a fully saturated 3 gallon bag of soil. It’s important to remember that weight.

2 days later the soil is noticeably dry and I pick up the 3 gallon pot and it feels lighter but the weight I’m looking for is equivalent to a loaf of bread. So I wait one more day. Day three after transplant I pick up the pot and it feels like a loaf of bread. It’s time to water.

Happy Frog soil uses pre-charged nutrients in their soil typically giving you a 35-day supply of nutrients meaning for the first 35 days you simply water your plant.

For me, I use a different approach. I want to take charge as fast as I can of the nutrients that my plant get so different than most people I watering/feeding to run off as soon as transplant day.

I use RO water so I add a little calmag to my water and pH it to 6.5 and feed till I get 15 to 20% runoff. It takes about 3 to 4 days for the plants to totally dry before I can water again. I simply repeat the steps above also checking the pH and the EC of the runoff water and documenting each and every watering

10 days go by fast the girls look happy and healthy and enjoying their new home. It’s time to change the temperature to 75°, and 50% humidity I also turn the light up to 75% and raise it 32 in above the canopy