Growing weed in Philippines

Will my og kush survive outside Philippines @ temp95 degrees to 100??


Marijuana plants adapt very well to many environmental climates. However; There are no guarantees. If you choose to attempt a grow in such a climate; You should do a grow and share the knowledge to others.

Glad to help if you develop issues, but high temperatures are tough to deal with. Look into shade cloth.

I know somebody who took a four foot wide plastic kid pool, , seems rather deep, and he spent an afternoon digging ground dirt out and submerging the pool to be well below ground level, to be cooler due to getting alot of sun during summer, and that made things cooler for his plants in three gallon pots, he has a number of them in there, and he also used some sort of cloth netting over the top, and it also was good for concealing his plants from other being able to see plants easily, even though in my state it is legal, and he has a medical marijuana license, …its just that he didn’t want thieves to steal his weed outside. Also, he rents his home, so if his landlord notifies of coming by, he has a wooden framework over this area, and some other flower plants around the grow area, and he can just pull over dark plastic by pulling on two ropes fast from inside the house. Apparently, his bud is working out real good, temperature on that expose hillside property get very high, and it got hot this summer many many times.


Nursery plants are grown the same way. Well, Trees are grown this way in commercial nurseries. Pot is placed below ground level to keep it cool. Great Idea! :slight_smile:

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I now remember why it is “black plastic” he uses, it is also for artificial flowering, …the old fashioned way, cause its that panda plastic stuff, I sold him what I had extra in that plastic that I had decided against using to line the complete interior of my shed but went with grow tents insteadm eariler this year, black on one side, white on the outside 6 mil thickness, and the white reflected the days sun, everything so low tech, hardly any money involved, and if he had to put potted plants on the white plastic if landlord visited, it looks like horticulture surface lining real well thats used by some for putting potted plants on.

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What you guys think she looks small ofr week old plant??

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I use and sell Panda plastic. Could not live without it; AndYES!!!

You have just solved a problem for Outdoors growers in Hot Hot climates. I am an advocate of shade cloth. Most times when I suggest this option, growers do not want to spend the time or monety to invest in shade cloth, Panda plastic, etc, etc… And, of course you need a simple wood or metal structure to hold it up.

BUT; The combination of Panda plastic, and shade cloth, could seriously reduce the heat issue for outdoor gorws. The PP, will reflect hot Sun rays, and the Shade cloth will allow a breeze as well as protection form the Sun

Use 50-60% shade cloth in the Desert. Use Panda plastci for Southern side/s of structure. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I’m new here and @growing. Where can one find panda plastic?
My environment is the same as person who first posted in SEasia.
It’s hard enough to find perlite and “store bought or garden supply nutrients for cannabis.
Any suggestions or advise would help.

Thank you.

Hey my fellow filipino grower i am new to growing and would like to learn more… i used to live in Boston Mass. and get my weed from my local dealers but now i moved back to Ph. And want to learn how to grow on my own and at the same time not getting busted because it is illegal to grow and smoke cannabis here

where do you thing i could get seed im from Batangas

I always thought Baggio City had the best weed in the Phillipines. It’s killer bud. You might find some of those seeds if possible. Already acclimated to the high temp and humidity of the PI. Although it is a little cooler up in the mountains where it grows. Its was really killer smoke.

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My best friend lives there and every time i go visit id always meet someone who has some good smoke

Hello fellow pilipino peps, i used to smoke MJ back in the days lately i been feeling low and depress i kinda want to try to smoke the good sht again but yall know that mj is illegal here and its a big hassle to go and buy one, i really think mj would gimme the dopamine that i need to get by/hold on to this miserable life that i been living. Originally im planning to cultivate pan cyans a shroom that grows in tropic country like ours but i dont think a lil bit of greeny would hurt right? My question is where do u yall think can i buy some mj or mj seeds? Pls help me