Growing in extreme temperatures/shade cloth

From a fellow grower: I’m growing in Palm Springs, Ca. The temps are perfect for growing from November - March. However it reaches 120 F in July and August so it’s impossible to grow out doors at that time. The plants I started in November aren’t ready to harvest but we will still have some reasonable temperatures here in April and May. I want to purchase shade cloth to protect my plants as the temperature rises. Can you point me in the right direction to get information on growing in extreme temps and or the effective use and composition of shade cloth. There are several types/colors/composition some limiting heat and or light.


My uncle grows huge sativas in the deserts on New Mexico. They grow all year, and go through our 115f weather no problem, he doesn’t use any shade or anything like that, I believe he is growing strains that are not more heat resistant, ml or than anything else, but he is a pretty secretive guy and wont give me his secrets. Good luck and I am sure there will be more people coming along to pitch in on ideas, good luck and happy growing.


Edit; strains that ARE MORE heat resistant

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Dappled shade under trees, lots of airflow, lots of water and a heat tolerant outdoor strain ought to work.