Growing problems/ issues

Shoot for 1000 ppm runoff.

Thanks bud

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Looking great Grow Bro, be careful and remember that MG is time released and adding nutrients could be risky. Great run off numbers, a soil slurry test with a sample taken near the root zone would give you a more accurate reading of the nutrients in the medium. Is that the organic MG black bag, if so I’ve used that on a run of regs for the veg stage with great results. I transplanted to coco after they revealed their sex though🤟

I have been nervous about the time release aspect :pensive: of this soil. Im hoping the time release values are small enough it’s not to counter productive this second half of this run. Gonna find out though one way or the other lol. Thanks for the encouragement it’s been an a pretty sweet learning experience thus far. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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With any medium Grow Bro, I switched from soil to coco and Aeroponcs. Chasing soil PH was a PITA. Keep doing what you’re doing… it’s working :love_you_gesture:

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I’ve wet trimmed for the first time do I dry the trim/shake if not using it or put it in the freezer?

If you are harvesting the keif, freeze it and it’ll help the trichomes break off the leaves, then screen it to collect.

Why are my leaves turning yellow

Oh test shows 6.5. Nutrients all test in range. Is this from over watering?

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