Growing near Sacramento

Question from a fellow grower:

I live near Sacramento and summer temps get over 100degrees for an average of 21 days . I plan on growing the of kush outdoors. With adq water and shade do you think they should do ok in this environment??


Welcome And Yes they can do just fine
A shade clothhelps on those extreme hot days go with something like 50-60% sun block shade if possible and deploy before sun reaches full strength give full sun early in the day and later in the day is good with shaded sun mid day
Also a good watering early in the day before it gets to hot will help keep roots cooler
I would also consider using larger pots say 15-20 galllon size for outdoors that will also help keep soil moist
In those temps do be surprised if you need to water everyday
There are a bunch of Cali growers on the forum
Why don’t you join us here so we can help guide you when you need a little advice
Happy growing


I’m in Oakdale, CA and you can definitely grow in the summer with all the heat we have out here. I am really enjoying growing indoor in my garage for the winter, but my neighbor grows one massive plant in his green house every summer. You should join the forum so people can help you when you run into problems and learn a lot more by watching other people’s grows.

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I also live in the Sacramento area, are there any heat tolerant marijuana plants/seeds that would do well in this area?

Thanks, I will join the group!