Growing in red solo cups. Will holes in the bottom let them auto water?

I am going out of town for a week. My seedlings seem to be dry every day. Is it possible to put holes in the bottom of the cup its growing in, and place it in a pan of water for watering? If not, any other suggestions would be great!

how big are your seedlings, got a pic, you need to put some slots in the bottom of the cups and water till you have runoff and then usually don;t have to water for several days depending on size

They are still fairly small. A few weeks old. One is about 4 inches, but the others small.

transplant them into 6 inch pots with pre dampened soil. They will be good for 5 days or more.
If you cut a ring of plastic and cover the soil of the pot leaving half the surface area exposed you can go 8 or 9 days without water.

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Yeah transplant up, that should hold them, but you should already have drainage holes in your solo cups.