Growing DRsDank

Alcopoco gold, orange skunk, grandaddy purple. Feminized Photoperiod.
Guess i need to get them out and trim again. Maybe Tuesday.



Saw your pics just wanted to holler.

Hey hows ya grow going @DRsDank mine is going great the buds are starting to stack up im hoping for a good out come with this grow

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I just seen ur pics they look great keep up the good work

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Looking very good! Bushy kinda looks like my Bruce Banner.
What nutrients are you using?
I have to ask, what are the grow bags you are using? Looks like a trash bag in a wire basket.

Fox farm trio, real growers recharge trifecta myco supreme and cal mag. Cal mag is really important when using fox farms soil. With happy frog and ocean forest anyway.
Air pots i put grocery bags with the bottom cut out in them to keep the water from just running out the top holes. Makes it so it has to run down to the roots without taking the time to water slowly. The bags only go down about 4 inches give or take an inch. I do that with them. I also flex seal the top 4 inches of my fabric pots. For the same reason.

I had the same problem. I made some rings out of vinyl flashing to contain the water. I fill the bag with Roots Original Soil, then work the ring in place, and then fill the ring with coco. Works great, but I need to be careful not to overwater. Gnats love the damp coco.
If prefer to use the Roots Elemental for cal/Mac supplement. It has lime that seems to prevent the gnats from getting a toehold. When I fed, I adjust to about 6.0 ph. Between the lime and the 6.0 food, the ph stays in range, without the need for contentious monitoring.


Have to do something.

Took them out to trim. Did not look that bad once i got them out cut off some long runners. Not many leaves. Did not take pics. Was not thinking straight. That is the last time i will take them out. About 6 to 8 weeks left for those.
Was going to do other tent but thought it best to wait a little longer. Only been in flower for a week 3 days.

Watered yesterday got in a hurry and forgot to ph. So watered with 8 ph. Flooded today with nute water ph’d at 6.5.
No questions. They will be fine not the end of the world. Just shows what being in a hurry will do.

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This is the big tent. All aculpoco gold. Missed the 21 day Defoleation so today is 28 days since switch to 12/12.



The pipe is at an angle took 2 gallon ice-cream pails stuffed down off. Then thought I better stop and let recover.

Just pics

I was taking the pics in complete darkness. So they aren’t that good.
WHAAAT forgot to turn the flash on.

Still have 2 more to do when lights come back on.

I did the other 2 that night. While lights on.

Not long now I will check again monday. Orange skunk from the small tent.

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