Grow tent heat won’t drop below 80 degrees

I have 2 MarsHydro tsl 2000 LED lights in a MarsHydro 4X4 grow tent with a AC Infinity T6 in-line fan with carbon filter. I have my high temp set at 80 degrees and my low temp at 75 degrees. I have my humidity set on high 60% and low set at 50%.I can not get my temp to drop below 82 degrees and I have my fan speed set on 10 and when the lights are off for 6 hours my tent temp drops to about 60 degrees. My tent is located in my finish basement with the exhaust running out of the chimney where I used to have a wood burning stove. I can turn my high and low humidity off and just tun the fan on max speed and it still won’t drop the temp under 80 degrees. Does this seem right.

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This probably isn’t what you’re looking for, but, I grow mine outside. It’s my first grow but the are doing fine. It’s been religiously 90-100 with little humidity and they are doing dandy. I’m not sure how that works with tents, but mine seem fine. I just am really careful with my watering

Welcome to the group lot of knowledge here I’m a new grower but already have a wealth of information. Do u have some vents open at the bottom of your tent. We’re is the ac infinity located can you take a pic of your setup

80 is fine.

I have found that I can control my temps and humidity by setting my T6 to run constantly on 2-4. I have a humidifier inside the 4x4 tent connected to an inkbird humidity controller along with a fan.

Also a 6" intake with an AC Infinity S6 or a Raxial S6 inline booster…

I also use a inkbird temp controller connected to a small oil radiator for heat.

I run my lights at night to help combat heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. Make sure your sucking the heat out of the top of the tent and pulling fresh air in from the opposite side at the bottom

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Welcome to the community ! As @Tinman mentioned run your lights at night, off daylight hours. should make a big difference. I run my lights at night for the same reason. That should also get your differential between on an off closer maybe 10 to 15 degrees. Also save you a few pennies you’re not on peak hours. Good luck

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You can take the drivers off the lights and mount outside your tent. That should drop your temperature a little. 80° isn’t bad for led lights though

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As long as your humidity is right anything below 95 is fine ( you really have to turn up humidity once you get to the upper 90s though)

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