Grow tent arriving today

My 4x4x80 grow tent is arriving today. I have the area ready to put it up. I already have the 2 260xl’s and the in-line fan and filter coming tomorrow. Once the frame is set up is it easier to hang the lights and fan and filter before putting the tent over the frame?
Seems like it would be easier and then connect the duct work to exhaust after tent is on. Any way I can’t waitt to get it set up. Just need some plants for it. I did one each of BBK, CalDream and BlueDream but nothing yet.this is the 3rd seed of ach and I am filing miserably. The 2 seedlings I have up now are 2 from my hermed LSD x Maui that I planted at the same time. But thats another story.

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Grow tent is here :sunglasses:


It is an interesting chore to put the tent over the frame! I seriously think it will be easier to put in your lights ect. after it is set up. Take off your shoes and go to town.

Here is a picture of mine which I think works well for me. (Same size as yours)

Outlet bar on the back left corner.
I have more than one tent so ignore the multiple timers. (I usually use one for lights). A timer is a life saver though.
Air intake is below the SCROG screen.
Outtake you can see connected to filter.
The fan behind the filter helps circulate even more preventing hot spots. (Or so I imagine :slight_smile: )
I have the intake pulling air from a screened window.

Let me know if you have questions or suggestions for me. :sunglasses:


@Reticence Thanks. That looks awesome. I have the frame up. There is on bar for the top that is on top of two other bars. Not sure how they are supposed to go but I have the two going side to side and the one on top of them front to back.

I am guessing the 2 that are going side to side is where I would hang from. The one bar over the top is for frame support? I see your lights are hung 1 on each bars going side to side. I am guessing you fan is outside for the filter?

I keep the fans out of the tent. They produce a fair amount of heat that I don’t want.

The bars on top allow you to hang items and at least my tent seems to be sturdy.
Each of my lights is good for a 2x4 for flower so that is why I use two. I also have two small fans attached to the SCROG. One pointing forward and the other backward. Forgot to mention them.

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I also have the fabric pots on a wheeled dolly with drainage catch. I can check PPM and pH of run off easily, but to be honest I focus on input pH and the rest has never been that big of a deal.
I feed with each water. Many here Water Water Feed. I have had good results though.

Consistency is key and maintain a journal with everything you do so you can repeat the things that work and see what didn’t. Simple things like forgetting when you last watered can trip you up.
The Pro-mix I use makes it almost impossible to over water and gives me a lot of control over the nutrients.
Just dawned on my you may be experienced, but just getting a new tent. Don’t mean to assume! :slight_smile:

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hey @RAP. i have already watched a vid on utube on how to put up my tent(if it ever gets here) lol but they said put the frame together and then put tent on. it looked very easy. but if you search on utube you can probably find a vid of someone putting up your tent.

I would install all of your equipment after tent is fully assembled. Not worth inadvertently knocking something off and damaging it.


Yep it was easy. The wife helped get the tent on then realized it was upside down :face_with_raised_eyebrow: No problem, zipped it up then flipped it right side up and moved the hanging supports. Now to get the hanging figured out…


You are the man! I almost lost my faith and will to go on trying to get the tent over the frame!!! I think I still have PTSD!!

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@Reticence. Not to worry. I grew hydro in rockwool cubes in late 70’s early 80’s. I had notebooks stacked to the ceiling. Now using soil and even though growing and plants are my career I feel like a rookie growing now. You can never not learn.


Had the wife help holding one light and I hung one of the 260xl’s. She left, I plugged it in and zipped her up and called the wife back in the room with the light out. I started to unzip the front and she was in awe. She could not believe the light was on inside. Not a sign of light anywhere. I am also amazed. I ended up getting the tent @Hogmaster recommended in the other thread. It is the “Green Architecture” model.

Could not be happier :smiley:


That’s what we like to hear!

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Happy for you Rap! You’ve got some great equipment :wink::v::bear:

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The filter came today so hopefully I will get everything all set up and ready to go this weekend. I already stuck 4 seedlings in under one of the 260xls :smile:

No need to hook the filter up at this point if you just have seedlings. The filter is there to scrub odor and you won’t have any for quite some time. You’d use up a lot of lifespan on that filter when the filter isn’t even actually doing anything.

Thanks, I will only get things hung up now while it has room to move around. I will not use the filter until needed much later.

Any pics of your drainage system for the fabric
Pots starting my next grow looking for all types of
Ideas to creat my own?

I see some use smaller clip on fans and some stand fans. Is there benefits to one over the other if both oscilate? Anyone who has used one or both have a pro/cons list. I am leaning towards a smaller sized adj stand fan but most are 16" fans.

Would this controller work with common stand fans? I already have this controller as my new duct fan came with a built in speed control.