Grow Set - Please Advise on my Setup


This will be my second and biggest grow op. My first, I used a computer box about a year ago. I had 4 plants inside and was testing the flower from seed method. With poor maintenance and roommates who thought that watering my bud plants meant flooding the dixie cups I was growing them in, I was able to keep one surviving female, 2 others wilted and one became male, then turned to a hermaphrodite. Note, 3 were the same bud (i don’t remember what, and they were all seeds I picked out of bud I had purchased. Now the surviving female had an 8.5 week life, from which 1-2 weeks was veg, with 24 hour lighting and about 5-6 weeks flower. I used the computer fans for ventilation, and eggshells/vinegar and some other chemical composition which produced CO2 gas, and I WAS watering just keeping the top soil moist in the dixie cups, before I had to leave for a development project (I am a software engineer). Oh, I was using:, LimoStudio 2 x Photo Studio Photography 105 Watt 6500K Day Light Fluorescent Full Spectrum Bulb as my lighting (6300 lumens, idk if it is each or total, I assume each).

Anyways, I also used some plant food that you set once and it dissolves into you plant feed as you water your plants (I do not recommend this method). I tried 1 tsp molasses per gallon water solution to increase budding during flower (myth?). At the end of this escapade I got an eighth of bud off the plant, I improperly cured it etc… smoke smelled a little stale and of mold or something, the bud got me high, but had no smell. The plant was about 6-10 inches in height, I know it suffered from to much humidity at some points during flower, I know it suffered from being to dry at some points during veg, and I know that it suffered from being locked in that computer case right near the lights… I used reflection materials inside the box as well.

That is my experience. Now, I am trying something a little more ambitious. I purchased some seeds from you 10 WW, 10 GS, 3 AH. I have 10 6inch pots, 10 10inch pots, and will be including 5 or so more 8 inch pots. My setup will consist of:

4 -LimoStudio Photo Studio Photography 105 Watt 6500K Day Light Fluorescent Full Spectrum Bulb
2 -StudioPRO Professional Quality 105 Watt CFL Photo Fluorescent Spiral Daylight Light Bulbs 5500K

1 -Apollo Horticulture GLK400GW19 400 Watt Grow Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH System for Plants Gull Wing Hood Set [I will use MH bulb for Veg in tandem with the 6500K CFL and HPS bulb in tandem with 5500K CFL for flower]

Light Stands and etc.

1 -5x6 ft. area with 8 ft ceilings (bathroom w/ shower + vent and tile reflective floor and walls, white ceiling)

1 -Digital Humidity sensor
1 -timer coupled outlet
1 -digital pH meter
1 -60x mag-loop

1 -Schultz Orchid Food Water Soluble Plant Food 20-20-15, 10-Ounce
Regular soil, Rockwool, and Perlite
1 -spray bottle
1 -CO2 generator
1 -Humidifier

I plan on using these the correct way (as found from other posts in this forum.

I plan to do MH within safe distance (whatever isn’t burning my babies) at the same time as the 6500K CFLs and some 5500K CFLS to get some red light in there to support plant tissue rigidity, which will all be about 4 inches from the tops of the plants. I plan on doing 24Hr lighting until the sativas are 2.5-3 feet tall and the indicas are 3-4 feet tall. At that point I will switch to 12/12 and change to the HPS bulb, and the 5500K CFLs exclusively (no 6500K). All the while topping and fimming, and other LST method will be used (I actually naturally got good at this my first grow).

So… given this particular setup, do you think it is possible for me to grow 5 lbs. from the 23 seeds I ordered in 3-4 months? Thank you!

Kind Regards!

Sounds li e a great experiment. I look forward to watching as you figure out what works, and what does not. I wish you lcuk and happy growing. Peace