Grow room size vs number of plants

i have a small grow space. My closet is 24 x 48 inches big with 8ft celling. thinking of starting out with auto flowers because of room. How meanly plants can I grow at a time if I’m using 5gal buckets?

I would do no more than 2 first time. Easier to manage and with a two to three foot spread they would fill that closet. One thing, closets have little to no ventilation if they have solid doors and get hot fast. I dried up a set of seedlings with LEDs in a closet to learn that.

thanks stomper, I was thinking 2 plants. As far as ventilation I have a 4in fan in the celling, and a 6inx8in register vent cut in my door. should get good ventilation with my small grow size.

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Thank you ya two plants is perfect . But air flow is a must have and heat control .


Ya u have to have intake and outtake that’s a must I’m flowering 12 in a four by four


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Well it sounds like I have over crowded my tent with 4 plants in a 3x3 grow tent so @garrigan62 if I start to flower them a week or 2 early will it screw up the whole grow or will they start growing taller instead of growing out or should I just let them get all tangled up and do what they will ?

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What ever you do don’t top or fem them…lol
Ya that’s about your only thing you can do at this point. Next grow do only two. Its all a learning experience


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To late already fimmed tthree and topped one @garrigan62 guess that is why they are growing out instead of up . Oh well live and learn next will be better