Grow room air intake system

I built a veg room and flower room out of one larger room last spring. The larger room had one AC vent in it. I needed AC and fresh air in both rooms and didn’t have much money to spend. I came up with this air box to get the job done.

I used some scrap luan and 1"x1" pieces from lumber yard to build it.

I bought two 6" in line duct fans on Amazon for $23 each. One tee for $11 and one y for $7.

I put the y in so that I could use it to cool HPS lighting and drive fresh air into the room when the AC isn’t being used. I didn’t go with HPS, so I blocked off one outlet.

I bought a 90° vent to set on top of the AC vent and use 2 computer fans I had laying around to force the cold air into the room. The tee is open so it picks up enough cold air from the box to get it through the duct fan into the other room.

Everything is filtered and they are pretty dirty every month when I clean them.

The box also makes a nice table for grow stuff.
If any of you has any questions just tag me @skgrower


@OldSkunk that is a cool setup nicely done.

I figure sharing is caring @Smokin_ernie. They’ve taught me so much about the growing part here, I’m just trying to help. It’s a better alternative than cutting the floor to run ductwork. I’ve always believed what goes around comes around.


Very cool :sunglasses: haha I love it we have to do what we have to do and thank you for sharing :wink:


Nice work @OldSkunk