Grow mediums? Which to use?

If im using rockwool cubes for my seedlings or during germination, can I or how do I switch to clay pellets for vegetation stage? Is that a good idea to switch at all? Or can I just use clay for germ to veg?

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Hi and Welcome! You’ll get lots of help here.

I’m not a hydro guy but I’m guessing you’d want to just bury the cube in the clay pellets. Since both are soilless mediums, I would think you’d be fine.

See what some others say first.


I like the earthen taste personally but yeah you can do that

I’m pretty sure Matthew is spot on just get the clays and layer them around and on top just to cover every bit so no light would get into your reservoir but I too am not a hydro guy so I wouldn’t take my word for it just yet. Maybe @ktreez420 can give you some insight…

Also what will your grow be in? DWC? Aeroponics? Aquaponics? or how do you intend to grow


very good question each system is slightly different and placing in basket with Hydroton is much like transplanting in soils with the difference being submerged roots top watered roots or misted DWC starts mostly as misted roots until they reach nutrient res unless top watering aeroponics is constantly misting and ebb&flow is submerged flow exposed ebb.
Also depends on size of net pots used I use small net pots 3" so I place a small amount of pellets in bottom then simply support and bury starter pod or rockwool. I am in DWC so I set my nutrient level just high enough to splash bottom of basket the clay wicks moisture to the roots until they reach low enough to be splashed themselves and given time into nutrient solution.


Nice post dude. Good info!

Im still deciding on my first strain to grow. My lady and i haven’t decided there are so many good ones. But I will be using DWC hydro still trying to decide on which system or company provides the best one for my setup. Any suggestions would be helpful

I think I understand what your saying. Now I just have to get it started finally and see how it goes. Im still not sure on the best lighting system either. I want to grow 3-5 plants in my tent but how much wattage should I need. I guess around 600W MH/HPS but does the ballast that comes with the bulb is it the best one? What size fan should I have for this size of garden?

I make my own DWC systems they are very simple to make and cheap
Net pots
a Bucket with lid cut hole same size as net pot into lid drill small hole for airlines
Add a airpump and stone sold at Walmarts and pet stores everywhere
just like that you have a DWC unit add more buckets better pumps and stones overtime if you find you enjoy hydro but for $30-40 bucks you can make your own.