Grow Dot help curling leaves

I did a medium grow dot feeding these flowering plants are in their fourth week and are showing various signs of leaf curling up and down sideways and one is even dying. I ordered recharge and cal mag can someone tell me how to add to recharge when the plant is already in dirt. Also how much calmag to add when there’s already nutrients in it. I am experienced but not with the grow dots. My temperature, humidity, and ventilation etc are correct


What soil are you using?

The darker green and clawing down leaves looks like it could be nitrogen excess; if so, it doesn’t seem too bad. I’m not sure about the brown edges on the leaf you have pictured.

Recharge dissolves in water, so add it to that, per the amount on the instructions.

Are you hand watering or using a auto irrigation? I’ve heard that Recharge can gunk up automated equipment.

Only use a small amount of calmag, since the Dots already have it. It’s been so long when I figured the extra calmag amount for my plants … I’m thinking it was around 1/4 of the recommended instructions … something like that, very scientific. :joy:


They are in an inert mixture called b-cuzz hydromix. I had some left over so I used it. I’m trying to find the best thing to use with the grow dots that’s not going to break the bank. Why can’t I just use an inert potting mix mixing some perlite and grow dots and use that?

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I’m doing hand watering this time around.

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Actually, inert media is good with the Dots, though I haven’t tried it, yet. I was wondering if your soil was very rich or something.

Did you say on a prior post that you re-used and/or mixed some soil with coco? That might have been someone else, though, lol, sorry if I don’t recall. I think it was someone else. Anyway, mixing mediums like that can cause PH problems, though I don’t think that you mixed mediums.

Yeah, bummer that soil and other media can be expensive.

So do I, and I mix the Recharge into it, then water the plants. I use it about once a week.

I did not mix medium together. I’m to use the recharge in the water according to the instructions and 1/4 strength Cal mag once a week. Thank you so much. Losing my mind here. I am 5’6 and they are already taller than me. I knew they had a problem but I just didn’t know what to do because it didn’t look like any of the nutrient problems I read about.

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OK, yeah, it was definitely someone else I was thinking of, lol.

Sounds good. Wow, tall plant! Photoperiod? What strain?

Keep us updated! :slightly_smiling_face:

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These two are GMO cookie and death Star. This is their fourth week of flower. They’re in 5 gallon buckets I can’t do that again they’re too big I’m going to have to stick with smaller pots.

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If youre in soil cal mag is not needed. A tablespoon of epsom salts will solve that. You need more P&K during flower and minimal N.

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