Grow Bags - Question

Perhaps an odd question but here goes… With regards to the 5 gallon fabric grow bags… are they actually 5 gallons in volume? What puzzles me, is that I can stack two of them inside a standard 5 gallon pail. I switched from 5 gallon plastic pails, with aeration drilled holes, over to the grow bags, but they only hold half the volume of soil. I sent an email to the seller on Amazon, will update this when I receive a reply.

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measure it and calculate the volume
volume of a cylinder is (i think, bit its been a while) Pi x r-squared x height. then i use google to convert whatever units, inches cubed or cm cubed to gallons. clear as mud?
grab ur tape measure, get me ur measurments. lets do this!!

I’ve never measured, but based on the amount of soil I buy and put into my 5 gallon pots, it’s got to be close

ok, I think I figured it out… it has more to do with Imperial gallons vs US gallons. The fabric pots are measured in US gallons (128 oz). The “5” Gallon pail from Home Depot here in Canada is measured in Imperial Gallons (160 oz).

I was way off when I said 2 fabric pots would fit inside, when I tried it, it filled up approx. 4/5ths of the home depot pail… Measurements of the fabric 5 gallon fabric pot are 10" high, 12" Diameter (6" radius) used an online converter to determine that is 1,130.973 units of something? cubic inches? Tried to convert that number to gallons but I failed…

I went old school on it… took my 2 gallon watering can, was able to fill it 3 times and dumped it into the “5 gallon” home depot pail… so from that I have to assume the 2 gallon watering can is US measurements. Pictures attached for the heck of it… Wow, all this and I’m not even stoned… lmao…

somehow the third picture didn’t attach

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sounds like ur mystery is solved