Grow 20 The final room ๐Ÿ†“

Thanks @OGIncognito Having done that one more than a few times. She looks all stringy when she goes into the scrog. But boy does she fill in shortly after. :grin:


The girls are liking the new set up!


Beautiful work in there brother!!
Gonna be some giantsโ€ฆ
as soon as I have the room Iโ€™m going to drop two more of Garyโ€™s strainsโ€ฆ :joy::fire::sunglasses::beers:


Thanks. @Carpenter His Seymour is growing into a small bush. It looks like there will be a lot of colas though :grin: The Critical purple is the same size my others were at week 6. So a nice start here. It has been a while since I have used the GH nutes. And I was feeding like Jacks. Every day with no water brakes. I bumped the feed to half strength now. I was getting my run off about 159 PPM less than going in. I am about the same feeding at half strength right now. So for this grow. I will feed daily till the run off catches up. I am hoping these will shoot up around 3" before the next pictures :grin: 2 are through the net a bit now.



@Ittgirl I am a few weeks ahead of you. I have 2 autos in here. You may be able to understand why I mentioned keeping your girl short if possible :grin:

Ok, we are on a another week. All are doing good :grin:

First are the 2 autos. week 5 for both. I think I have one more week before they show they are ready to flower :grin:
The Critical purple

@repins12 s Seymour Shit. This will be a bush :grin:

The 2 photos.
Rainbow road on week 4

California Dream week 5

I realized I have been on this rez for 2 weeks now. With 5 gallons left. I dumped it. And am starting with 3 gallons till they start to eat more. I got used to using 10 gallons in 4 days with my other grows :laughing:

My Blue labs meter started messing up. So I got another Apera. Man does it stabilize a lot faster then the blue labs. No back light though.


@Not2SureYet does it look good?


@dbrn32 @MattyBear Perfect. Thank you. I am not sure how I ended up on the old thread :roll_eyes:
I will try to do better :grin:


Ok, another week gone :grin: Not much to see. Still going good with no issues :grin:
Critical Purple week 6

Seymour shit week 6

Rainbow road week 5

California dream week 6

And these 2 :grin: I am finally going to try my hand at making some pollen :grin: This is day 2 for them. Still nice and green down through the stems


Beautiful work as always :raised_hands:

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Thank you sir :grin:

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Time flies by any more. I missed last week. But things are just getting going. So no loss :laughing:
Critical purple auto. She is starting to stretch a lot.

Seymour shit is building up the fastest

I think both of these photos could have used a few more weeks of veg. But we are on a schedule if I want to get one more grow in.
Rainbow Road

California Dream

And the clone

I guess that is it. :laughing:


Looking great in there!


Hope you have a good weekend buddy!

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Thanks Guys. It has been pretty good so far.
I have one more new one :laughing: I left this one for dead. I dropped it on the 11th. And it never cracked. I turned off the heat mat and just left it there. I looked a few days ago and saw it was trying.

I put it in a ziplock. And about 3 days later. I have this as of today

I am mainlining this one too. And want to see how many times I can top it before it gets big enough for the grow room. This and the clone will go in after the others are done. So I still have about 2 months to veg these