GreenThunder's dawning days (the beginning of things)

I have 2 grow spaces plus a bathroom closet where I germinate and root clones. The grow spaces are a 4x4 tent and 2x4 closet in my son’s vacated bedroom.

This journal will focus on the closet in the master bathroom. It’s 22x22 inches and is currently lit with a T5 fluorescent but I will be upgrading to a 65 or 100 qb very soon.

Since I’ve switched to hydro, I wanted a hydro rooting method so I created this unit

Here are the current occupants…

The Grape Ape clones are more interesting at the root level…

The 3rd clone doesn’t have a spot in the rooting unit yet. I didn’t think she’d get roots at all but she proved me wrong

I don’t have space to keep all 3 unless I flip them small (but I’ve not yet been able to do this)


You’re a busy gardener!

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Nice setup. I’m a dirt grower. But these well organized hydro grows do impress me.

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This morning I placed an order for seeds and this evening I got confirmation that my payment was successful!! I got the auto mix pack (amnesia haze, blueberry and northern lights) plus Jack Herer auto. I haven’t been able to flower in the closet because I always seem to have one vegging. So I’ll try autos in there instead


Today’s order includes a new light for the germinating/rooting closet!!

The ‘seedlings’ need to be moved into their own pots. Today’s tasks may take up the whole day so this will be on tomorrow’s list. They are getting into each other’s space up top, I don’t want to have to detangle roots

The damaged leaf was caused by my butterfingers when changing the res last week


Nice light!

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I’m excited about replacing the t5. All my grow spaces will be under qb soon!! I thought about getting the 100w but the 65 is enough, plus the 100 was out of stock. :sweat_smile:


The 65 will be perfect for your germination station or clones. Your setup is starting to look professional!


Aww thank you! I feel like I’ve come a long way, due to the great assistance found here. :sunglasses: I do keep one problem child in each batch, though not intentional it does serve to keep me humble and learning :wink::woman_farmer::seedling:


Lol, we’ve all got one of those.

Zkittlez got moved into a 3 gallon bucket with 6 inch netpot and large airstone. I covered the bucket and lid with mylar to reduce heat absorption

This stuff was great to work with

The action

All tucked in

She’s 33 days from sprout… maybe I’ll flip her after the new lights have arrived, been assembled and hung. Laughing Buddha should be harvested next weekend so that’ll free up a lot of space in the tent.


I think I may have killed her!! :disappointed:

Nutes are AN sensigrow a and b plus sensical, hydroguard and z7. Ppm was 900 and pH 5.8. Humidity was a bit low at 52% so I’ve added a cool mist humidifier.

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Awe, what happened?

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I have no idea. I was checking on the LB when I noticed it. It’s ‘lights out’ time but this doesn’t look like a ‘resting’ plant. Could it be the mylar on the lid was too much? A couple leaves resting on it look cooked

Yeah, maybe, since that’s the only thing that’s different. You just put that on, right?

I’m not sure why mylar would do that, but it is the one thing that’s new.

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The humidity was a bit low at 51% so I added a cool mist humidifier. I went in just now to swap out the lid and she looks much better already!! Humidity is up to 59%

This leaf is definitely cooked

I removed the most damaged ones and she looks even better…

I’m relieved and amazed by her fast recovery. I mean, I know humidity is important but I’ve not seen it’s drastic effects so quickly!! Maybe this is part of the problem with LB :thinking::crossed_fingers:


Well that’s a relief. Though I don’t think humidity can make such a drastic change like that. Your humidity wasn’t that low. I have mine at 22% in the winter.

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Stoner brain… I forgot about the other treatment I gave her!! I used the battery siphon pump to top feed her a bit :laughing: she was hungry and thirsty!! Her long roots are still in the netpot!:confused:

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Stoned moment.


I’m glad to have remembered to feed her even if I didn’t remember that I had :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: