Green spots on soil surface

First time grower- have any of you ever had green spots in your soil? What is it? Will it hard my plant?

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Every time I have seen it it has been algae growth due to overwatering. Do you have pics?


I’ve read too humid and over watering will cause algae growth.

The spots are kind of faint but you can see them if you zoom

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What is the medium? Is it new / fresh?

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Not new- Happy Frog and autoflower living soil concentrate

I never reused soil. It went into the compost pile or garden beds. I know I have read on the Forum where some that reuse their soil will sterilize it to some degree by baking it in an oven - Yumm. If the time of year was right, I would put it in black garbage bags in the garden to cook. Then put it in the garden.
I don’t think the algae is a problem but can’t say for sure.

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It may be some confusion- its technically new b/c this is my first grow