Green Leaf Flowering- Weird Smell?

I have grown quite the Gold Leaf starting from a ILGM seed and on week 6-7 of flowering. Unlike the 2 other strains I have grown, the Gold Leaf does not have that traditional skunk smell. Instead, it smells like plant. From what I have read, it does have an “earthy” smell, but I am concerned that I will harvest dirt weed. BTW, this is in a 20 gallon pot and about 8 ft tall!

ILGM Gold Leaf Fem seeds
Medium: Happy Frog until it outgrew the 10 gallon. I switched to Ocean Forest because that’s all I could find locally.
Nutes: Saline in water every 2 weeks until flowering. Grow Big every week or two. Did not respond to Buds & Bloom, so I had to flush (all of my plants were burnt 4 weeks ago, but recovered).
I am obsessive about trimming yellowing or nute burnt leaves.

This lady is massive and the harvest is going to take forever!



Still very early but should have some smells atvthis point. What are you feeding her instead? Any molasses?

Hey- molasses? I will look into that. I was not feeding after the nute burn episode. I didn’t feed any of last years plants and they turned out great (all clones). I figured that the Ocean Forest was nutrient rich enough and they were transplanted to that 4-6 weeks ago. THANKS for the tips!

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Ocean forest is great for veg. It will carry you 4-6 weeks even. It doesnt have alot of P or K in it though. If doing photos and are skilled in transplant, try up potting into Strawberry firelds (cut with 25% perlite) after veg, before stretch. It has alot of P and K but little N you will notice a difference in flower size.
As for molasses, be sure to get unsulphered molasses. It has P and K and tons of other minerals good for flowering plants. It also has sugars in it that fuel terpene and trichome production. If using any myco or bacteria products it will feed them also keeping them breeding and doing what they do.

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Did some research on molasses- thank you so much! Amazing what I have learned on this forum!

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@GhostEd Also look into Epsom salt pal. I’ve read it helps build terpens.

Throw in some silica. They can smell really funky sometimes… it all mellows with a good dry and cure