Green Crack whack

17 days in and still no signs of sex on any of them. Seems like a very long time to wait for a sign

Relax some plants don’t show their sex until about 3.5 weeks my amnesia haze was like that but I never worry since I get feminized seeds


It can take cannabis 4 to 7 weeks to show sex.

Patience, grasshopper.


Please don’t say grass hopper


They just started showing. I was expecting the ones that blew up real tall to be Males but so far at least one is female. Only thing showing as yet.

20 days into flower. I notice the internet is totally full of shit. Some sites call green crack a pure sativa. Others a 45/55 mix and one says 7-8 week ripeners and others say 10. It’s like trying to trust the government, different story every day

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Congrats on the female tho! Love it when plants u think are a boy, pop pistils.

Different breeders use diff genetics to recreate the same plant. Even across seeds from the same mom and pop ull get some genetic variation that leads to differing Flowering Times, Effects, and Smells.

But think about it like this.

The OG Green Crack came from some 89 Sativa Seeds, a Skunk #1, and a mystery Indica.

Its been reproduced and remade, cloned and cultivated, and bred into similar strains then backbred for preferred characteristics of what someone ‘wants in their GC’…

After 20-30 years and 2 diff strains no one knew what originally were… who’s to say what went into the GC u ordered? Also who’s to say the breeder even intended for seeds of the strain to be passd out. Alot of ‘by name’ strains were intended to be clone only… but feminization and the demand of the masses combined with prohibition guaranteed thats no longer an option.

Long story short?


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Do you think I’ll have a 50% ratio ?

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50/50 indica/sativa? Its definitely possible. Who was the breeder u got it from?

Ull probably see more sativa dominant phenos then indica leaners. How many seeds did you drop?

Well your going to think I’m an idiot. I haven’t grown for 15 years. I used to love it but I’ve got kids these days so I asked a buddy to use his place and he’s nearby and I trust him. Long story short , I smoked some gc that my brother got from the dispensary and low and behold I loved the high and it had 5 seeds in it. So I’m unclear on genetics history. I’ll be ordering from the seed bank from now on. This is just a small crop for enjoyment and probably will only have two or three females at most


Dropped 4 seeds and had 4 plants. One stunted so I replaced it with an unknown. It out grew the others pretty quickly

No 50 percent male to female ratio

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Depends on how the seeds were made. If she hermied and pollenated herself? 100% females. If some pollen snuck into the buds u smoked before they got harvested from some sneaky male? 50/50 it is. 4 seeds isnt a big sample size tho. U could go all one way or the other

There’s definitely one male. The other two look female. One definitely is

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Do you have a better idea on the flowering times. I’m 3 weeks in now and 7-8 weeks seems out of the question but that’s the first thing I read that also said pure sativa. I could tell by looking that was wrong and pure bullshit. Everything else seems pure bullshit That ive read. I’m guessing the 10 weeks is probably right. For my next grow I’ll purchase the seeds. I want a smaller bushier plant I think without the paranoid head high. I like to be happy be happy when I smoke , not freaked out. I’m just not sure yet on what strain I’ll go with. I’d like big yields and short flowering cycles

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Some sativas will run 14-16 weeks. Depends on the genetics. Most top out around 12 and are begging to be chopped. I say we go as you grow. Never really know with weed plants lol.