Green Crack Review

Strain Name – Green Crack (Feminized seed)
From – Bonza Seeds (Freebie Promo).
Harvest Date – 8/31/19
Type – Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Appearance – Green airy buds with streaks of brown/gold coloring throughout bud.
Smell - Fruity, Pungent, Skunky
Type of BuzzLength of Buzz – Nice relaxing head/body high depending on method and amount of ingestion. Typically, will be high for for 2 -3 hours.
Best Medicinal Use - Insomnia, relaxation, chronic pain relief, anti-anxiety/depression, PTSD

The Grow:

This plant was grown in an indoor tent using a 5-gal cloth pot with an 50/50/ mix of Fox Farms Happy Frog/Organic Potting soil under an LED 600 watt light. The Fox Farms feeding schedule was also used but at about half strength throughout the grow. The plant was harvested 65 days after switch to 12/12 light schedule and at harvest the trichomes appeared to be approximately 40/60 amber/cloudy. The buds are a nice green color and have lots of gold/brown coloring but do appear to be somewhat airy. I think I could have harvested the plant 7 – 10 days earlier and would have had tighter buds. After a 5-day dry, I ended up with 78 G/2.75 oz of bud that was cured in jars for 4 – 5 weeks before smoking.

Smoke: I’m not much of a smoker (I find that smoking any cannabis is harsh) and I mostly grow for Grandma’s medical use, but I do get a very nice cerebral/relaxing body high that lasts for 2-3 hours when smoking a small bowl from my hobbit pipe. Grandma and her day caregiver enjoy smoking the GC and state it is not too harsh and is great for daytime activities.

Edibles: I prefer to use Cannabis in edibles. With the GC I took 1.3 oz of green shake/trim and carbolized in the oven before making my canna-butter using 1 pound of butter, 3 cups water, and letting it simmer for 4 -5 hours in slow cooker. I first made a batch of caramel candy using about 6 - 7 oz of canna-butter in the recipe. I cut the caramel into approximately 1”x1”x1/2” squares and a couple pieces of candy gives me nice relaxing body high that lasts 3 - 4 hours: 3 pieces of candy gives me a nice cerebral buzz.

Unfortunately, Grandma did not really enjoy the edibles as she complained of heartburn after eating the Caramel candies.

The remaining canna-butter was later used to make a brownie mix. A 2”x2”x1/2” square will give me a nice body high that lasts for several hours. Eating a couple brownies will have me really buzzing.

Conclusion: I consider the CG grow to be a successful grow and would grow it again. Was my first grow in a new 36’x20’x63” tent and was really pleased with the results. Have included a few pics.



Although you didn’t post pics just before harvest, 65 days after flip seems pretty short for that Sativa dom strain. If you deduct the 10 days it usually takes before actual flowering begins that puts you at just 55 days. I’d have expected that strain to take a minimum of 63-70 days of actual flowering to be ready. I also believe you may have been underlit, and therefore never developed bud density.

Thanks for the review. It’s awesome that your grandmother enjoys cannabis.


I was going to say the same. Airy flower is usually associated with low light levels. All in all looks like you did a fine job and far better than a lot of growers!

Lighting is something to concentrate on getting right for your space as you continue growing. But most of us have been there. I regularly do 12 oz of flower plus in a 4 1/2 to 5 month grow per plant. Check out the thread:

It’s a very long thread but is a treasure trove of info. Lots of us showing our diy builds and many many questions answered by dbrn.

I (coincidentally) just had a half doobie of Green Crack and I’m digging it! We all seem to be favoring more sativa dominant cultivars–pretty cool!


Hi, I had a hard time evaluating when to harvest the plant. I’m still kind of a newbie grower as this was only my 4th grow and the first with new tent/Led light. The GC buds still had a lot of white pistils, but I was also seeing more amber/cloudy trichomes in the buds. A 2nd factor I also considered was that as the days wore on the buds looked like they were getting less and less dense.
I agree with the LED light issue; I wish I had spent more on a more powerful light, Unfortunately I am on a limited fixed income and purchasing more LED lighting is out of reach for now. I just put a Cheese strain in 12/12 schedule and can add a 2nd 150 watt LED I already have.


Add all the lighting you can. The rule of thumb for those type of leds is 50 actual watts per sq foot of flowering (what they draw at the outlet, not what they’re marketed as). If you don’t know, post a link or pics of your light and we can probably figure it out.

If you’re nearing harvest, pics of your buds in natural light, (not sugar leaves) can also help us give you recommendations.

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Awesome. I am growing a green crack from bonza seeds as a freebie as well.

Absolutely! In fairness, genetics can play a role and my Green Crack was not all that dense (compared to a Sour Diesel or something)

I think under the circumstances you did a fine job.

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Its a Aglex 600 watt LED light with a 100 watt power draw. My 36" X 20" tent totals 5 sq ft. If my math is right I only have 20 watts of light per sq. ft. Adding the 2nd 150 w LED would add (50 W actual power draw) another 10 watts per sq. ft. Maybe at tax refund time I can upgrade my lighting.

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Sounds like you know the direction you need to head.

Most people underestimate to importance of lighting when they first start growing indoors.